UF’s top five finish is no cause for celebration

As a proud University of Florida alumnus, I have a soft spot for my school; I love my alma mater so much that I always open marketing emails from UF when they arrive in my inbox.

The most recent, instead of proclaiming the typical water-in-wine scientific breakthrough by Jesus (who happens to work in UF’s chemistry department), made an announcement that many already know: UF is always a school (tied) in the top five (public).

Cue a sigh of relief from everyone.

While many consider UF’s maintenance of its top-five ranking a triumph, I have to admit I feel something like trepidation instead.

General classification of the UF went from 28 to 29.

As stated in the press release, “UF’s Reputation Score of 3.8, a key metric in ranking analysis, remained unchanged from last year.” At the same time, other metrics like our alumni giving rate saw solid gains.

I didn’t know the metric of a reputation score before. If this was an unweighted GPA, 3.8 out of 4 would be great.

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