UPtv’s “Love At Sunset Terrace” Features Young Matchmaker

Who knows better than a girl to install her father? UPtv Love at the sunset terrace features a young matchmaker, determined to make her father fall in love again. This romantic film stars Ellen Woglom (Inhuman, California), Carlo Marks (Christmas with the darlings, Chesapeake Ribs) and Erica Tremblay (Helstrom).

What is UPtv Love at the sunset terrace In regards to?

According to UPtv synopsis, Sophie Carter (Woglom) is fed up with her hectic city life. She designs people’s homes. Now she has to design an outdoor living space. However, she is now exhausted.

In addition, she admits that she has nothing left in the well. “I don’t even know if I feel more creative anymore.” Sophie is not the first person to need to recharge their batteries. In addition, she needs a digital detox! Can you relate?

Soon Sophie heads to a small seaside town to disconnect and reflect. This is where his grandmother Meridith went. Grandmother was a painter, and clearly, Sophie’s inspiration.

Above all, Sophie is on a self-care journey. Instead of staying at a vanilla hotel, she chose to stay somewhere special. She stays in an Airbnb run by Michael (Marks), a widowed father of a young girl, Kailey (Tremblay).

UPtv Love at the sunset terrace Renewal of shows

As the UPtv romance continues, Sophie bonds with father and daughter. Most importantly, she began to regain her creative spirit. Inspired by her grandmother Meredith, she starts painting again. That’s what his grandmother would do. As she and Michael get closer, she tries to encourage him to step out of his comfort zone. This includes Michael reviving some of the artistic events at Sunset Terrace. Formerly, it was the place of meetings of artists.

However, Michael admits that after his wife died, he was ready to sell the place and move on. The attractive widower admits that this loss has been very painful.

With a little nudge from the twinning girl, Sophie and Michael begin to fall in love unexpectedly. But, his commitments at home are increasing. Although Sophie admits being at Sunset Terrace is the “happiest” she has ever been, she is starting to consider returning home. However, Sophie still has to decide between going home or following her heart.

It’s good to take a step back, reload

On the UPtv Instagram page, they posted “It’s good to take a step back and relax. 😌 Mark your calendars for Sunday at 7 p.m. ET for the UPtv Premiere Movie, #LoveAtSunsetTerrace event with @ellewogs! #LoveSundays.

Isn’t that the message everyone needs, especially after a tough year?

They ask moviegoers, “What’s your favorite way to switch off? “

When can you watch UPtv Love at the sunset terrace?

Make sure you catch UPtv Love at the sunset terrace Sunday, March 21 at 7 p.m. EST.

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