Video of bear saving drowning crow at Budapest Zoo goes viral

The bear used its paw and mouth to pull the crow to safety.

The internet is full of touching videos. But have you ever heard of an animal saving the life of its prey? Sounds weird, right? In a video appearing online, a bear is seen saving a crow from drowning in a pond in its enclosure at a zoo in Budapest, Hungary.

In this one minute and 45 second video shared on Twitter, the bear named Vali is seen eating and walking around the pond. Meanwhile, a crow flaps its wings, trying to stay afloat in the pond. The bird tries very hard to get out of the pond but we see it visibly in difficulty. Noticing the same, Vali walks towards the edge of the pond. It then grabs the crow by its paw and then uses its mouth to hold the bird’s wings. Within seconds, the bear pulls the crow and lays it on the ground. The bear then walks away and starts eating again while the crow tries to get back on its feet.

The video was shared by a user who calls himself Fascinating on Twitter. The clip has amassed over 4.5 million views. Many Internet users were taken aback by this rare gesture of the wild animal. The caption reads: “Footage by Aleksander Medves shows Vali, a bear from Budapest Zoo, rescuing a drowning crow.

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One user commented, “This crow will never forget what this bear did for him.” A second added: “More human than most.”

“Always amazing to see a predator save the life of a prey. Of course a predator probably wouldn’t have been hungry and would have eaten the prey instead, but that really implies that only hunger makes them kill prey, otherwise they are happy to save their lives if they are able,” said a third.

Another netizen added, “I will continue to say that people could learn a lot by watching animals and these beautiful creatures put some human beings to shame time and time again. Just beautiful.” “I feel depressed and this has really lifted my spirits. What an adorable bear,” another user said.

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