Visit the Island with Adam Frost in May 2022

Home to colorful towns rising on volcanic hills and botanical gardens teeming with exotic plants, Madeira is Portugal’s subtropical gem. This spring, you can visit during its colorful flower festival by joining TV’s Adam Frost for a wonderful tour of the island.


Taking place at the best time to visit – in May – our incredible tour will give you the opportunity to spend time with the The world of gardeners presenter.

Madeira Botanical Garden


For country life readers taking this unique tour, Adam will join you as colorful floral floats fill the streets of the capital Funchal. He will also guide you on visits to the best gardens in Madeira, including the botanical gardens of Quinta Jardins do Lago and the tropical garden of Monte Palace.

There will be an evening to learn all about his life and career, with the possibility of asking Adam for gardening advice as well.

Garden tours on a Madeira holiday with Adam Frost

One of the island’s most magical gardens can be found high up in its hills, in Monte, where you’ll find the exquisite Monte Palace Tropical Garden. Adam will guide you through the gardens, explaining the history and how Madeira’s climate allows exotic plants to thrive.

Holidays in Madeira

Monte Palace tropical garden


You will also visit the iconic Palheiro Gardens, a beautiful botanical garden overlooking Funchal. As you walk through these lush gardens, you will discover a diversity of plants.

Madeira at its most wonderful time

On your last day in Madeira, you can visit one of the most popular events on the island’s calendar, the Madeira Flower Festival. Adam will join you in pointing out some of the rare flowers on display and enjoying the spectacular show.

Taking place each year at the beginning of May, when the flowers are in full bloom, it sees the island’s children parade through the streets of Funchal in beautiful floral costumes, each carrying a flower to place on the “Wall of Hope” – fully realized short of flowers.

madeira flower festival parade 2018 in funchal

Madeira Flower Festival

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Flower carpets and floats also float down Avenida Arriaga, and kiosks sell a range of bouquets, embroidery, traditional food and drink. You are guaranteed to get amazing photos to take home.

Explore “Little Lisbon”

During a walking tour of the historic city of Funchal, you will discover the fascinating capital of the island nicknamed “Little Lisbon” by locals.

Overlooking an impressive harbor and full of magnificent 18th century buildings, its narrow streets are full of charming shops and picturesque squares. You can sample local Madeira wine and head up into the hills to visit the beautifully landscaped botanical gardens.

The beautiful coast and country of Madeira

No island trip is complete without a visit to the coast and in eastern Madeira, spectacular views of the glistening Atlantic await. Home to traditional farming communities, you’ll explore villages with pretty thatched roofs dating back to the 16th century.

Ponta do Rosto, Sao Lourenco, Madeira Island

East of Madeira

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A drive up to Eira do Serrado, over 3,500 feet above sea level, will immediately make you fall in love with the breathtaking views of the valley and the village of Curral das Freiras below.

And you must toast the wonderful journey with a glass of poncha in Câmara de Lobos, It is a traditional fisherman’s remedy made of sugar cane alcohol, honey and lemon juice.

You can book your place now on our eight-day tour of Madeira’s beautiful tropical gardens with TV presenter and gardener Adam Frost during the Flower Festival in May 2022.


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