Visit the spooky catacombs of Znojmo in the Czech Republic

Znojmo is not a big city, but it is a city that is home to a set of unique tours, during which visitors will experience a fascinating underground tunnel system.

The Czech Republic is world famous for its beautiful city of Prague. But while everyone should visit this spectacular city, it is not the only attraction of this historic central European country. In the picturesque town of Znojmo are the Znojmo Catacombs – they are a fantastic labyrinth of underground passages. Visiting the Znojmo Catacombs is an ideal excursion to visit the magical city of Prague and they are located under the historic town of Znojmo in the Czech Republic, a short drive from Prague.

While in Europe, don’t forget to also explore the eerie and historic catacombs of Rome and the quarries of Paris. The original catacombs are actually the tunnels built to bury people in ancient Rome. Often there is much more to a city that just appears on the surface!

About the Znojmo Catacombs

The Znojmo catacombs are not really catacombs and no one is buried there. The Znojmo Catacombs were developed for defensive purposes to defend the town of Znojmo from attack. They date from the 1300s and have been enlarged over the centuries by connecting different cellars under buildings to each other.

  • Built: 1300s to 1500s
  • Goal: Hide And Defense

The end result were houses and palaces in the city connected to an elaborate labyrinth. Some of the tunnels lead under old fortifications and even out of town – so locals can escape in case the town falls or to get out of town and look for food in times of siege.

The caves were well built and they have a lot of ventilation shafts. The cellars had chimneys which were connected to the chimneys of the houses above ground. Smoke from the tunnels rose through the chimneys of the houses and hid the tunnels below.

Inside the tunnels, water wells were built so that the inhabitants could survive for a long time. In addition, various defensive measures were incorporated into their design in case the tunnels were discovered. Some of the defensive measures included slippery slides that would drop invaders into deep pits they couldn’t get out of without ladders.

The tunnels were part of the city’s fort system and there is no plan of the tunnels in the city archives. They are extremely complex and work in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Over time, caves have found new uses – such as being used for storage (especially wine).

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The catacombs today

Today the catacombs are a tourist attraction and some of the caves are open to the public.

The maze of underground corridors beneath Znojmo is considered one of the largest in Central Europe and stretches for around 27 kilometers. The main visitors’ tour is approximately 800 meters long and departs from Slepičí trh and ends at Obroková Street in Znojmo.

  • Length: Total 27 kilometers or 16.8 miles
  • Duration of the main visit: 800 meters or 2600 feet

Visitors can choose between two types of guided tours. The Classic Tour is great for families and breaks up the characters from fairy tales. Then there’s the adrenaline rush tour which is more thrilling and involves climbing walls and crawling through some of the tunnels. These tours take place on different routes and are much more adventurous. You have to be prepared for water, mud and climb iron ladders.

Adrenaline trails

For those looking for more excitement and adventure on the tour, consider a adrenaline trail. Znojmo’s underground adrenaline trails are divided into 3 routes classified by difficulty. They are coded in blue, red and black, with blue being the easiest and black the most difficult. During these visits, protective helmets and appropriate equipment are provided.

Blue course:

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Duration: About 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Age restriction: Must be 12 years or older
  • To go out: Horni nám. 4
  • Cost: 110 CZK ($ 5.00)

Red course:

  • Difficulty: Average
  • Duration: About 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Age restriction: Must be 15 years or older
  • To go out: Dolní Česká 42
  • Cost: 130 CZK ($ 6.00)

Black course:

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Duration: About 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Age restriction: Must be 15 years or older
  • To go out: Divišovo nám. 1
  • Cost: 200 CZK ($ 9.00)

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Classic route

For tourists who want a visit to the catacombs and for those with families, then consider the classic tourist route. This tour is designed to be educational for adults and fun and adventurous for children. Discover the tunnels that medieval warriors feared to tread. We will see coffins with skeletons, instruments of torture, haunted criminals, predatory monks, orcs, etc.

  • Adult: 95 CZK ($ 4.50)
  • Children: 55 CZK ages 6 to 15 ($ 2.50)
  • Duration: About. 1 hour

Discover the tales of medieval Europe in a new and unique way with an underground tour. And while you’re in the Czech Republic, try their world famous beers!

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