Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Stay in this Harry Potter themed villa

Wizards Way by Loma Homes

Although we may never get the chance to sleep in the fictional world of Hogwarts, we can spend a night or two in the next best place. Enter Villa Sorcerer’s Path, a magical retreat located just 30 minutes from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

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This eight bedroom, five bathroom villa is fully decorated with references from the popular book series, as well as Easter Eggs from the movies! Upon entering, customers discover their sleeping arrangements through the sorting hat that sends travelers to their home (or rather room) assigned to them. Each hallway resembles one of the four houses or takes on another magical theme from the series. Don’t worry, there is definitely no end of the stick when it comes to sleeping in this magical retreat. However, if you are assigned to the Warden’s Room, a dragon can take care of you while you sleep.

wizarding path through the houses of loma

Do you dare to sleep in this room?

Airbnb / Wizards Way by Loma Homes

In addition to custom-carved beds and Hogwarts-themed decor, ambient sounds play in the background and custom mood lighting further immerses travelers in the Harry potter universe. Other interesting feats include the ability to be face to face with the car in the willow tree or watch the smoke billowing from the hissing chimney of the Hogwarts Express. There is also a misty forest where guests can meet friendly (but fake) creatures. Additionally, the open concept living and dining area design really makes travelers feel like they are in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. The private heated swimming pool and the cinema room are just the icing on the cake.

wizarding path through the houses of loma

Not a bad place for one Harry potter movie marathon, right?

Airbnb / Wizards Way by Loma Homes

Villa Sorcerer’s Path Is owned by Loma Houses, a rental company known for its half-movie and half-luxury vacation units. The villa is currently available for rent on Airbnb for $ 307 per night, plus taxes. The Airbnb listing says the space can accommodate up to 16 people, and travelers will have the whole place to themselves. If you happen to bring that many guests, it shouldn’t cost you more than 20 galleons (read: $ 20) per person per night.

wizarding path through the houses of loma

The quintessential Harry Potter bedroom!

Airbnb / Wizards Way by Loma Homes

One more thing: the villa is located at Champion’s Gate Resort grounds, which means that visitors will not only be able to enjoy the luxury of their villa, but also those offered by the resort. These include a water park with an artificial river and a slide, a gym, a theater hall, a games room, a children’s playground, a bar for adults, a volleyball court and two golf courses. Although these amenities are not Harry potter-themed, they are always fun, especially if you are looking to mingle outside your home. And as mentioned above, the Wizard’s Way villa has a private pool and theater separate from all other properties, if you’re looking for some alone time.

You can book your stay here. Not planning a trip to Orlando? We also found a super cool Harry potter-themed rental in upstate New York.

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