Visitors want to pay hundreds of dollars to stay with you for the Indianapolis 500

Over 300,000 people come to Indianapolis, and they would love to crash at your place.

Record ticket sales for the 100th race of the Indianapolis 500 suggest the May 29 race will draw the biggest crowd in decades. Over 200,000 grandstand tickets reserved have soldand the infield could attract an additional 100,000 people, many of whom are out-of-town visitors.

Demand for lodging has overwhelmed the Indianapolis market’s 33,000 hotel rooms, leaving people desperate to stay where they can — an apartment, a guest room, or even a spare couch in your living room. And they are willing to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for this privilege.

The popularity of this year’s Indianapolis 500 has provided a rare opportunity for anyone who lives near downtown or the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to reap significant profits by listing their homes for rent on Airbnb. The online listing service allows users or hosts to rent their entire home or any additional space within it.

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