Vrbo has a NERF cabin that you can rent for one night

If you’re a kid at heart or just have kids at home, Hasbro and Vrbo have created a getaway that will grab your attention. (And the attention of 29 of your friends or family members …)

The companies offer the ultimate NERF cabin on the house sharing site. It will be available for rent at the end of September. The cabin, located on Grand Lake o ‘the Cherokees in northern Oklahoma, has more NERF toys and blasters than anyone could reasonably expect to acquire under one roof. This is in addition to scooters, a dock, sports equipment, a water trampoline and go-karts. It’s not free, but at $ 100 a night, it’s appealing.

If you recognize the house, it’s not your mind playing tricks on you. This is the NERF House Squad hub on the NERF House Showdown series on YouTube.

The price seems even more reasonable when you note that the cabin can accommodate 30 people with five separate living areas. It can be booked from noon CT on September 1st. At that time, you will be vying for a stay from September 24-26. Only one group is going to get it, however. Your chances of landing a NERF house overnight are not great, but if you get them you will suddenly become very popular with your family and friends.

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