Santorini among Top Rated Places for Airbnb stays

The popular Greek island of Santorini is among the best 25 top-rated locations for Airbnb bookings, according to a list presented by Big 7 Travel and reviewed by

Research has been carried out to identify the most Airbnb services based on the number of searches on Airbnb (from a survey of 1.5 million people), user ratings, number of reviews and person’s ability.

The top 10 locations for Airbnb bookings based on overall performance with ratings out of 100 were: Waikato, New Zealand with a score of 100/100; Beijing, China (98); Kerry, Ireland (96); Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (93); Havana, Cuba (91); Moscow, Russia (89); New Orleans, United States (87); Antarctic (84); Barbados (82); and Dubrovnik, Croatia (80).

Multiple award-winning Greek destination Santorini was ranked 12e with a note of 76.

Other major locations include Providencia, Colombia; Budapest, Hungary; Bora Bora, French Polynesia; Kruger National Park, South Africa; Cairo, Egypt; Edinburgh, Scotland; Las Vegas, United States; Bali, Indonesia; Jaipur, India; Maldives; Los Angeles, United States; Santiago, Chile; Hanoi, Vietnam; and Seoul, Korea.

Airbnb said its bookings increased 52% after countries started to relax Covid-19 restrictions. Earlier this week, the company said it expected third quarter revenue to be a record. The house-sharing platform closed 10% on Tuesday after announcing it had offered to provide free temporary housing to 20,000 people. Afghan refugees worldwide.

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