What are the charges against Frank James? Suspect pleads guilty to NYC subway shooting

Frank James, the man accused of shooting several people on a Brooklyn subway train earlier this year, has agreed to plead guilty to 10 counts of committing a terrorist attack or other violence against a public transport system.

Frank James, 62, was arrested a day after he opened fire on a subway train, killing ten people and injuring 23 on April 13, 2022.

Now Brooklyn subway gunman Frank James wants to plead guilty, his federal defender’s letter below. Judge Kuntz scheduled plea proceedings for January 3 at 2 https://t.co/HGA67lHfvg

On Wednesday, Dec. 21, James’ attorneys filed a letter in federal court saying their client had elected to plead guilty to all 10 counts – one for each victim injured in the shooting – of committing an attack. terrorist or other mass violence. Transportation system. The letter said:

“Mr. James has advised the undersigned attorney that he wishes to schedule a guilty plea to the replacement indictment. If the Court is available, we would like to proceed during the first week of January 2023.”

Frank James was charged last week on all ten counts

NEW: Lawyers for subway gunman Frank James have filed a letter with the court saying James wants to schedule a guilty plea to the replacement indictment charging him with 10 counts of terrorism – one for each person shot in April 12 attack @CourthouseNews

Months after the horrific New York City subway shooting, Frank James pleaded guilty after a federal grand jury indicted James last week on ten counts – one for each person he shot and injured.

On April 13, 2022, James traveled to brooklyn just after 4 a.m. with a bag containing a smoke bomb, gas mask and handgun from Philadelphia, where he was renting an Airbnb. James allegedly threw a smoke bomb at an N train between the 59th Street and 36th Street stations and put on a mask before shooting people on the train.

James then fled the scene but was caught a day later in the East Village after the FBI tracked him down using surveillance cameras and travel records.

The suspect, who had been arrested a dozen times in 30 years, was indicted by a federal jury earlier this month after being charged in federal court in Brooklyn in connection with the subway attack.

Frank James had stored weapons in his apartment

Frank James, accused of carrying out April 2022 NYC subway shooting, will plead guilty – court records https://t.co/3LUT22CDdv

Police reportedly found several weapons hoarded in his Philadelphia rental from which he traveled to Brooklyn and shot and killed several people on the subway. Prior to the shooting incident, James, who has a history of violence, allegedly did several disturbing things videos instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs.

Authorities said the suspect also documented videos that made multiple references to the violence, including racist tirades against different ethnicities.

James could be sentenced to life in prison. Last month, Payton Gendron, the man behind the mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket, pleaded guilty to a terrorism charge in New York state, which warrants a life sentence without parole.

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