What caused the staff to leave this Littlefield nursing home?

The Texas Attorney General’s Office is investigating a staff walkout that occurred at a Littlefield nursing home.

It all started on Sunday January 2 after a caller told police there was no one in the facility to care for their relative. An officer finally arrived at the Arbor Grace Wellness Center, located at 1241 Marshall Howard Boulevard, and spoke to a volunteer doctor.

The volunteer doctor told the officer about an apparent absence, mentioning that one of the certified nurse’s aides had been there since the day before, never leaving her post. The volunteer doctor said others were trying to contact Arbor Grace management to ask people for help and he was trying to find staff to help those who were left.

KAMC News reports that the officer walked around the facility to better understand what was happening and saw 3 residents in wheelchairs near the front posts. However, the officer did not notice any signs of mistreatment, although many employees said they were not qualified to perform certain tasks.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office said in a statement that it had received allegations of personnel issues at the facility and was actively working to assess the facility’s compliance with all relevant rules and requirements of the facility. the state.

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