What do Airbnb, Onlyfans and the Netflix hit “How to Build a Sex Room” have in common? The brand new website: OnlyRooms

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Los Angeles, CA August 4, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – What do Airbnb, Onlyfans and the Netflix hit “How to Build a Sex Room” have in common? The new website: OnlyRooms

A startup has created an online booking platform that allows users to find exciting spaces exclusively for content creation and short stays.

Safer The Magazine+:

The idea for the platform was born out of the recent boom in popularity of adult content creators. Popular adult content site OnlyFans now has 170 million registered users and over 1.5 million content creators actively producing content for people around the world. The new platform caters to both these content creators and YouTubers, who make a living from creating unique and engaging content. OnlyRooms connects hosts everywhere who have unique or exciting spaces with the millions of content creators who are looking for new locations and ways to keep their content interesting and fresh.

OnlyRooms believes in transparency above all. With many examples of individuals being banned from popular home-sharing platforms for creating content, without host approval or awareness, OnlyRooms seeks to fill this gap by providing a platform where hosts and guests can agree and rent locations for filming, photography and content. creation without awkward conversations and secrecy.

With the recent popularity of Netflix’s smash hit “How to Build a Sex Room”, the once-secret sex dungeon is becoming more mainstream. But what if you don’t have the space or the money to build one? OnlyRooms is looking for all types of locations, including dungeons, which will be made available to customers for rental by the hour, day or even night. They encourage hosts to think outside the box when it comes to what can be used for a content creation space. It could be a dungeon, a garden, a boat, an airplane, a kitchen or even a staircase. It seems that the imagination is the only limit.

What about those who are not content creators? This is not a problem, because OnlyRooms also searches for houses and accommodations in each city for short stays and holidays. Why not take a naughty vacation to a faraway destination, or even see what’s available in your own town?

With guests now being broadcast on the platform, OnlyRooms has announced that it is now accepting listings from hosts. So, if you have an interesting space or house, you can now rent it out to guests. They are looking for spaces in every country and city to serve the needs of thirsty content creators looking to create something interesting and unique.

For more information go to https://www.onlyrooms.com.

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