What happened to Fake Drake? Real Drake hit it with a cease and desist

Celebrity impersonators have been around for decades, and many make a living off of the famous person they look like. Such was the case with ‘Fake Drake’, a man who first went viral in 2021 after being booked to make club appearances instead of the real one. Grandpa Champagne. For its part, Duck and his team were not satisfied with his work.

drake | Prince Williams / Wireframe

Drake was impersonated by “Fake Drake”

Duck isn’t the first celebrity to impersonate him; after all, impersonate artists like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson is a career for many around the world. the drake lookalike rose to notoriety as “Izzyy Drake” in 2021. He revealed on social media that he was paid $5,000 for event visits to appear as the famous Toronto rapper.

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