Is Spanish Wells Worth Visiting? Here’s What You Can Expect

The Bahamas! The very name sounds like a vacation advert. White, powdery sand; a delightful number of pristine, unspoiled islands, and weather that is pleasantly warm from January to January. What’s more? The Bahamas is less than an hour’s flight from Miami and is usually a convenient vacation alternative to Europe—and other far-flung vacation destinations. It’s a place that will be ideal for some quick, urgently-needed weekend escape.

Yet when we speak of the Bahamas, it’s places like Nassau, Paradise Island, and Atlantis that get frequent mentions, perhaps, deservedly. Nassau, for instance, is world-famous for its many surreal beaches. Atlantis, on the other hand, is a luxurious resort village that should be on the bucket list of everyone willing to experience the lavish side of a Bahamas vacation. In this article, however, and away from the frequent mentions, we shine the spotlight on Spanish Wells, discussing whether it’s really worth visiting.

Is Spanish Wells Really Worth Visiting?

Some will argue that Spanish Wells is all about an ordinary fishing town with a nice harbor and a beach, that, even if breathtaking, is just like many other vacation destinations in the Bahamas—or anywhere else in the Caribbean.

The truth, however, is that Spanish Wells has a charming allure and a distinctive appeal that will not fail to leave many vacationers blown away.

For starters, the island is attractively secluded and exudes that rustic, village look that comes with authenticity that’s hard to miss. This comes with one exciting advantage. It is usually, almost always, uncrowded. While this may look like nothing to shout about, those who’ve been to Nassau and Paradise Island will appreciate why this is a major draw.

Yet Spanish Wells is not just worth visiting because it’s usually uncrowded or less crowded. Actually, while some elbow room is important, private space alone is never the soul of a vacation.

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Fortunately, Spanish Wells boasts some of the best white sand beaches on the planet. With the island’s famed seclusion, vacationers will enjoy the delightful experience of having a beautiful, world-class beach all to themselves.

The beaches have sand that is impossibly white and soft as well as water that could be the clearest in the Bahamas. To enjoy all these on a secluded stretch will look like an escape from the jarring humdrum of civilization.

Those who’ve been to Myrtle Beach, especially during the peak summer seasonwill find Spanish Wells particularly enticing for its uncrowded pleasure.

Still, that means that for people who enjoy rolling with the crowds, Spanish Wells may look a tad lonely, prosaic, and even somewhat drab. The truth is that vacation tastes are not created equal.

Other Fun Factors That Make Spanish Wells Worth Paying A Visit

Aside from its privacy, unbelievable tranquility, and some of the best beaches in the world, Spanish Wells is only about five miles around and therefore pretty easy to get around. A weekend is usually enough to go to its very kernel and wring out what it has to offer.

Besides, Spanish Wells boasts a delightful range of accommodation options as to cater to different depths of pockets. While there are two decent hotels in Spanish Wells listed on Bookingthere are quite a number of Airbnbs that will give vacationers more accommodation options to work with.

No vacation destination can be termed great if it has nowhere to eat and rest.

And speaking of eating, one of Spanish Wells’ major draws is their insanely delicious lobster. Actually, Spanish Wells is often called the “Lobster Capital of the World.”

However, the lobster season is not all year-round. To enjoy one of this island’s highlights, it’s best to visit between August and April. Concerning activities like snorkeling, fishing, and diving, Spanish Wells usually meets and exceeds vacationers’ expectations.

  • Where Can Vacationers Enjoy Lobsters In Spanish Wells? The water-facing Shipyard Restaurant serves lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday.

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Here’s How To Plan A Trip To Spanish Wells

The beautiful fishing town known as Spanish Wells lies off the coast of Eleuthera, a gorgeous island considered among the best places to stay when visiting the Bahamas.

Eleuthera itself lies on the eastern fringe of the Central Bahamas and is known for its magnificent beaches and laid-back charm. Visitors to Spanish Wells should expect to find a mostly white, close-knit community, whose history goes back to the 17th century and revolves around the pursuit of religious freedom.

Unlike other famous Bahaman destinations, Spanish Wells is anything but touristy and will excite vacationers with its authentic look and unhurried charm.

Visitors to Spanish Wells usually get to the North Eleuthera Airport first then take a taxi ride to Gene’s Bay, before finally getting on a five-minute boat ride to the dock in Spanish Wells.

While opinions will vary, Spanish Wells is definitely worth a visit, especially if one is looking for something slow and secluded.

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