Where Are The Harry Potter Cast Now – From Big Mo’s Brother To The Leeds United Podcast

Since their launch over 20 years ago, the Harry Potter films have helped launch the careers of many of its actors.

While the careers of many young stars blossomed, some of those who starred in the highly rated films were already established Hollywood stars.

In December, an HBO Max special, Back to Hogwarts, saw former child stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson reunite for the 20th anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

The Harry Potter special featured the stars reunited aboard the Hogwarts Express, embracing in the Great Hall around a Christmas tree, and Grint, Radcliffe and Watson reuniting in the Gryffindor common room.

Radcliffe also met the director of the first two films, Chris Columbus, in Professor Albert Dumbledore’s office and in the potions room with Gary Oldman, who plays Sirius Black.

The special also featured appearances from Helena Bonham Carter, who is Bellatrix Lestrange, Ralph Fiennes, who plays Lord Voldemort, and Jason Isaacs, who was Lucius Malfoy.

A special tribute was paid during the show to actors Richard Harris, who played the first Dumbledore, Richard Griffiths, who played Vernon Dursley, Helen McCrory, who played Narcissa Malfoy, and Alan Rickman, who played Severus Snape.

Here, we got a glimpse into the careers of some of the actors in the films.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe played Harry Potter

He’s come a long way from his early days as an 11-year-old boy wizard, Harry Potter. Over the past two decades, Radcliffe’s career has gone from strength to strength, and he is currently completing a new biopic about famous American personality, Weird Al, titled Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. The film stars Jack Black and Conan O’Brien as pop artist Andy Warhol. He is also set to star in The Lost City, along with Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum.

Her resume includes such titles as the 2012 thriller The Woman In Black.

He’s also taken to the stage before to perform on Broadway and had roles on television including A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Miracle Workers.

Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint who played Ronald (Ron) Weasley in the Harry Potter movies
Rupert Grint played Ronald (Ron) Weasley in the Harry Potter movies

After playing Harry’s best friend Ronald Weasley, Rupert Grint went on to appear in a number of other movies and TV shows. His upcoming IMBD credits include Knock at the Cabin with Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista, which is slated for release next year. And Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosity TV series starring fellow UK actors Ben Barnes and Andrew Lincoln, which is in post-production and due for release in 2022.

He also voiced a character in Postman Pat and featured in a video by Ed Sheeran. A television adaptation of the Guy Ritchie Snatch movement and the Apple TV series Servant directed in part by M. Night Shyamalan.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson played Hermione Granger
Emma Watson played Hermione Granger

The Hermione Granger actress starred in the 2019 adaptation of Little Women alongside Laura Dern, Florence Pugh, Timothee Chalamet and Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk.

She had a starring role in Beauty and the Beast, alongside Luke Evans and Dan Stevens, and starred in the award-winning 2012 film The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

She has also spent a lot of time focusing on her charitable and philanthropic endeavours, having addressed the UN on several occasions, being named a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, and also helping to create of UK-wide industry guidelines on bullying and harassment.reports the MEN.

In 2018, she donated £1million to Time’s Up UK and later helped set up the organization’s Justice and Equality Fund in which she donated to women’s groups across the country.

A year later, the actor helped launch a legal hotline for people who were sexually harassed in the workplace.

At the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow, Watson hosted a panel on climate change with guests including climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Tom Felton

Tom Felton played Draco Malfoy
Tom Felton played Draco Malfoy

Harry’s blond enemies, Draco Malfoy, were played by Tom Felton.

He went on to star in a number of film and television roles, with 52 credits to his name on IMBD. Upcoming roles include Lead Heads alongside Rupert Everett and Derek Jacobi, and Some Other Woman with Ashley Greene.

During the recent reunion special, Emma Watson said she talks to Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton “most weeks” and the reaction to his admission that she has a “crush” on him was ” gentle”.

The two actors opened up about their close relationship during an HBO Max special marking the film series’ 20th anniversary, but insisted nothing romantic had ever happened between them.

Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret

The famous London-born actress has enjoyed a lot of success in her career. His long career also includes blockbusters such as Les Miserables, Ocean’s 8, The King’s Speech, Howards End, Fight Club, Terminator Salvation, Cinderella and Big Fish.

She also played numerous roles in former partner Tim Burton’s films, including Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd and Planet of the Apes.

Playing Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter films is one of her many career highlights.

Most recently, she starred as Princess Margaret in Netflix’s The Crown.

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes assists "The king's man" Gala screening in New York
Ralph Fiennes at The King’s Man Gala Screening in New York

The award-winning actor portrayed Lord Voldemort, the most feared dark wizard who ever lived.

Already an established comedian before appearing in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Fiennes continued to make waves in the theater world after Potter.

He won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in 2014 for his work at the Grand Budapest Hotel and was also named New M in the James Bond Films.

A UNICEF Ambassador, Fiennes was granted Serbian citizenship in 2017 due to his extensive work in the country.

Other career highlights include the role of M in recent James Bond films, In Bruges and The English Patient.

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman actor
Gary Oldman actor

The career of this Oscar-winning actor has many highlights. Dracula, JFK, True Romance and Bram Stoker’s Leon are among his most notable early works.

He starred as Jim Gordon in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and starred in award-winning hits such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

With 107 acting credits under his belt, he also provided a voice for From King Fu Panda 2 and won top acting accolades for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour.

In the Harry Potter films, Oldman played Harry Potter’s godfather, Sirius Black.

Fans will also recognize her sister as well-known British soap opera actress Laila Morse who plays Big Mo in EastEnders.

matt lewis

Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis
Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis

He starred as Harry Potter friend Neville Longbottom and has only made five feature film appearances since Potter ended, most notably in 2016, when he starred alongside Charles Dance and Emilia Clarke, in Me Before You.

He is best known for his role in the British wartime comedy Bluestone 42 which follows a British Army bomb squad in Afghanistan.

Lewis married his girlfriend, Angela Jones, in 2018, after the couple got engaged in 2016.

He is now vice-chairman of the Leeds Rugby Foundation charity and hosts the Leeds United podcast ‘Doing a Leeds’ with former professional footballer Jermaine Beckford.

Oliver Phelps and James Phelps

Oliver Phelps and James Phelps
Oliver Phelps and James Phelps

The Phelps twins portrayed everyone’s favorite loveable thieves, Fred and George Weasley, in the Harry Potter franchise.

The duo continue to do things as a couple, starring in four films together since Harry Potter ended.

James and Oliver are now both married and host a popular podcast together, with the final season premiering in 2021.

Mark Williams

Mark Williams played Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter
Mark Williams played Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter

The Weasley patriarch, Arthur Weasley, was portrayed by Mark Williams, played in five of the eight Harry Potter films.

He’s appeared in a handful of roles after Potter, including Albert Nobbs and Golden Years, although two more films are currently in the works with 2022 release dates.

Williams mostly stuck to roles in TV shows, starring in episodes of Doctor Who, Midsomer Murders and The Dumping Ground.

He also played the lead role in the television series Father Brown from 2013 to 2022.

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