Where celebrities vacationed in 2021, from Capri to Mexico City

2020 may have been a rare year in terms of holidays, but 2021 was anything but – especially for celebrities. And for those who like to live vicariously through the fabulous journeys of the rich and famous, this was a serious feast for the eyes. While the A-listers’ jet-set lifestyle is always over the top, it looks like they’ve decided this year is more extravagant than ever. This includes not only the luxurious destinations where celebrities have vacationed, but also the marathon ways in which they have visited them.

Unsurprisingly, Italy was a favorite – in particular, the Amalfi Coast, which has seen major stars like Gabrielle Union, Molly Sims, and more. In fact, Europe as a whole was in turmoil – Jasmine Tookes made Croatia her bachelorette destination, Camila Cabello explored France, and Olivia Culpo (and her sisters) flew to sunny Greece.

That said, it turned out that many have stayed closer to home this year, opting for an easier way to escape everyday life. This included Ashley Graham, who kept the classic with a bit of R&R in Miami, as well as Kristen Bell and her family, who took a full-fledged road trip across the West.

There is no shortage of travel inspirations this year; in fact, it looks like travel just keeps getting better. Some of the most enviable celebrity vacations to date.

Positano, Italy

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s summer vacation was so epic that they literally gave her a hashtag: # WadeWorldTour2021. The family began their journey down the Amalfi Coast; then, they jumped from places like Sardinia and Corsica. Eventually they even traveled to France, where they stopped in Paris and Burgundy. Talk about making up for lost time.


According to Architectural summary, Dua Lipa’s summer vacation included a stay in Mexico at Quetzalcoatl nest, an Airbnb “which pays homage to an ancient Aztec god known as the feathered or feathered serpent”. Which means, yes, it’s actually a celebrity vacation that you can recreate yourself.

Miami, Florida

Shortly after announcing her second pregnancy, Ashley Graham flew to Miami for a sunny week of beaches and palm trees.


Lily Collins skipped the typical honeymoon at the beach for a nature adventure in Scandinavia with her husband. The trip included an overnight stay at noma restaurant in Copenhagen, time in Swedish Lapland, the road trip, and, it seems, much more. “I can’t imagine a more memorable and magical first trip as a newlyweds and a way to officially start our life together,” Collins wrote in an Instagram post.

Capri, Italy

Union and Wade weren’t the only stars gracing the Amalfi Coast this year – in fact, far from it. After the Venice Film Festival, Molly Sims traveled to the Isle of Capri, where it seems she enjoyed all the classic activities of this luxurious location.

Ios, Greece

Olivia Culpo made her first trip to Greece this summer, which started in Santorini with her sisters and then moved to the neighboring island of Ios. Fortunately, she even shared some of her accommodations, including the five-star resort, Calilo.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Jasmine Tookes and some of her closest friends traveled to Croatia for her bachelorette party in August which included boat rides with a view, luxury picnics and a lot photo shoots by the sea.

Florence, Italy

Although she didn’t divulge many details, Kate Hudson spent time touring Italy over the summer, making Florence and the region of Umbria a part of her scenic journey.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Like Graham, Kaling stayed in the United States for her August vacation, venturing to Las Vegas to stay at The Wynn with some of his friends. “See you soon, Peppa!” Peace to Daniel Tiger! Mom friends traveled to Vegas for WILD TIMES (vaccinated, safe)! She wrote in an Instagram post.

Western United States

Unsurprisingly, it seems that exploring the United States was a trend for many celebrities – Kristen Bell and her family also chose to stay close to home by taking a road trip through the West. (In impeccable style, of course.)

Paris, France

Camila Cabello seemed to have had fun traveling around France in October. After posting a few first photos in Paris, she seemed to be having fun exploring the country more (if her multiple “I love France” Instagram slideshows are any indication).

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