Where is Mila Kunis from?

MILA KUNIS is a popular actress known for her television and film work, including starring roles in That 70s Show and Family Guy.

She and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, have pledged to match $3 million in donations to support Ukraine through a GoFundMe page in March 2022.


Mila Kunis was born in Ukraine in August 1983.

Where is Mila Kunis from?

On August 14, 1983, Mila Kunis was born in Chernivtsi, a city located in the Ukrainian SSR of the Soviet Union – now known as Ukraine.

Mila and her family are fluent in Russian.

“My parents went through hell and back,” Kunis said. Charm in 2016.

“They came to America with suitcases and a family of seven and $250, and that was it.”

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They moved to Los Angeles in 1991, when she was just 7 years old.

At the age of 14, Mila became a household name for her role as Jackie Burkhart on That 70s Show.

She said apart from her parents, herself and her brother; his grandparents traveled to the United States to improve their lives.

Her parents worked hard to learn English and pursue their careers, and Mila said her father, Mark Kunis, worked around seven jobs to keep the family afloat.

“He painted a house. He delivered toilets. He drove a taxi, delivered pizzas. Anything he could do, he did,” Kunis said.

His mother, Elvira Kunis, worked as a boxer at Thrifty in Culver City, California.

She kept the job until she learned English and worked her way up to eventually become the manager of a Rite-Aid while her father owned taxis.

“But growing up in poverty, I never lacked for anything,” she said.

“My parents did a great job of not making me feel like I was less than any other kid.”

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher created a GoFundMe for the people of Ukraine


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher created a GoFundMe for the people of UkraineCredit: Getty Images – Getty

What did Mila Kunis say about the war in Ukraine?

Mila sat down with her husband and former That 70s co-star Ashton Kucher to pledge their help to the people of Ukraine.

“The events that have unfolded in Ukraine are devastating; there is no place in this world for this unwarranted attack on humanity,” Mila said in a video posted to YouTube on March 3, 2022.

She hailed the strength and resilience the Ukrainian people have shown since Russia invaded their country on February 21.

Mila and Ashton announced that they have set up a GoFundMe page to provide humanitarian aid and relief to those left behind and the millions who have fled to neighboring countries.

“As we witness the bravery of Ukrainians, we also bear witness to the unimaginable burden of those who have chosen safety,” Ashton said in the video.

“Countless people left behind everything they knew and loved to seek refuge.”

He continued, “With nothing but what they could carry, these Ukrainian refugees need housing and supplies right away.”

How do I donate to their GoFundMe?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher created the GoFundMe booth with Ukraine on March 3, 2022, and within 24 hours the page received over $3.7 million in donations.

As of March 27, 2022, the fundraiser has raised $35,323,600 of its $30 million goal.

The donations will go to Flexport and Airbnb, “two organizations that are actively on the ground providing immediate relief to those who need it most,” the page says.

Shipments of relief supplies are being sent through Flexport to refugee sites in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova.

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Direct payments of $1,200 sent NOW - check when the money will arrive

Airbnb provides free short-term accommodation to those who have fled Ukraine.

For anyone who would like to donate, they can visit Mila and Ashton’s GoFundMe page with Ukraine and click “donate now.”

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