Where is “Stay Close” filmed? Best Filming Locations

Harlan Coben fans, listen up! If you were expecting more twisty stories from the mystery legend after 2020 the stranger, Today is your lucky day. Coben’s latest series, stay close, is now on Netflix, so you can immerse yourself in more enigmatic British drama. But looking, you may wonder: where is stay close filmed?

stay close focuses on the disappearance of a man named Carlton. Several factors revolve around the incident: Megan’s (Cush Jumbo) impending wedding was turned upside down after another woman named Lorraine (Sarah Parish) reported her for having a double life. Photojournalist Ray (Richard Armitage) catches them investigating Carlton’s disappearance, and two ex-lovers team up as detectives in hopes of finally piecing together what happened.

The stage is set for a gripping mystery, but where was stay close actually filmed? Read on to get the scoop on the show’s filming locations.


stay close takes place in the fictional town of Ridgewood. This marks a change from the original novel, in which Cassie lived in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


stay close was filmed across England including Blackpool, Liverpool and Manchester.

According to Radio schedulesthe homes of the Shaw and Green families are located next to each other in Didsbury, Manchester, and the enormous head sculpture which appears several times (called the sculpture “Dream” in real life) is located in St. Helens, England. Meanwhile, the beach carnival scenes that set the stage for the series were filmed on Blackpool beach.

The mysterious Vipers nightclub (where Cassie once worked and where several men have disappeared) was filmed in two locations. The interior scenes were filmed in the basement of Manchester’s Impossible nightclub, while the exterior scenes were filmed outside a disco out of order in Formy, Merseyside.

As the series progresses, viewers meet Ken and Barbie, an eccentric and deadly duo who end up trapping their latest captive in a rural cabin. In real life, this hut is based at Knowsley Safari Park, which is near Liverpool.

“[It’s] one of the largest private estates in the UK,” stay close director Lindy Heymann said Radio schedules, adding: “You walk through the door and there are still 10 minutes to get to this cabin. There are sheep and fields and then the safari park.”

Here is! While the drama of stay close is heartbreaking, its filming locations are the perfect jumping-off point for a cross-country exploration of all the cool places England has to offer.

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