Who is Christian Lee Cones? ‘The Courtship’ suitor didn’t date until he was 20

Everyone is looking for their true love, but not everyone is lucky enough to find it. Modern dating is one of the things the contemporary world has to offer; everyone swipes right to find their Mr Right. However, there are still a few people who either don’t believe in modern dating or are fed up with it and want to experience what is called old-fashioned romance. “The Courtship” is the regency-era inspired series that will premiere on NBC.

Courtship is a contemporary take on the traditional love game. Nicole Remy, a Seattle lady in search of her very own Mr. Darcy, stars on the show with 16 suitors who will attempt to woo her. “Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance” was the official title of “The Courtship”. The goal of NBC’s new dating series is to prove that chivalry isn’t dead. It will appeal to those looking for drama with a twist, a blend of traditional old love and modern dating. If you like the drama and chaos that comes with reality shows, you should try these ‘The Proposal’, ‘Blind Date’ and ‘Too Hot To Handle’


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Who is Christian Lee Cones?

Christian Lee Cones is one of the suitors fighting for Nicole’s love and devotion on the show. Christian is an IT Support Manager based in Los Angeles. He was from a conservative family and didn’t start dating until he was twenty. His upbringing was unusual as he moved from Indiana to Brazil and then to Los Angeles. Although his love history is not as extensive as some, he travels exceptionally well, is fluent in Portuguese and has a passion for human rights. His ideal date would be a surprise road trip to Joshua Tree, complete with picnic and sunset, with someone who has an open heart, a good sense of humor and a desire to live life to the fullest. . Christian jokes that he was born at the wrong age, so he’s more than willing to don the knight’s armor and defend his love. Christian considers his nephews and nieces as his whole family.

He shared a photo on Instagram with a long message on his 25th birthday. “Welp 25 is here. So much has happened in 24 years. Self-doubt, demons, heartache, victory, laughter, rebirth. Every day I learn more and more to love myself better so I can give that to the world. This year I dropped a huge 💰 on a beautiful Airbnb to celebrate this anniversary because that’s what I would do for the people I love. Show up for yourself as you show up for those who you care the most. Cheers to another year of pain, hardship but above all: growth. They are all part of the equation. 25 we let the beast out and let it roam unleashed. 🐅”

Watch “The Courtship” on NBC on Sunday, March 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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