Why are people moving away from Iowa?

You always hear that more people leave Iowa state than come to our beautiful state. But is it really true?

People at United Van Lines, a company that knows a thing or two about why people move, released their annual list of the top states we’ve moved in and out of in 2021. The study first looked at the number of people leaving and entering each state, and then broke those numbers down into reasons why those people left or stayed. These factors included retirement, health, family, lifestyle, work and cost.

First, the states that have seen the most people leave. The top five are New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Connecticut and California. New Jersey has seen a total of 70% leave the state and only 30% of them. So which states are people moving to? The top five are Vermont, South Dakota, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Florida. Vermont has seen a total of 74% of people entering the state with just 25% leaving.

So how is Iowa doing? the to study reveals that Iowa is almost a split state. Hawkeye State saw 49.5% of people enter, and 50.5% of people leave the state. It certainly does not correspond to the mass exodus that some would have you believe. The most popular reason for people to come to Iowa was 42% family. The most popular reason for leaving the state was a 45% better job. The age group most likely to leave Iowa was 65% and over, at 36%. These people have experienced enough winters in Iowa!

The results of the to study are an important snapshot of life in Iowa and why people come and leave our state.

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