Why Fans Are Predicting Airris Will Be The MAFS Season 16 Villain

MAFS has featured many memorable actors over the years. Fans think Airris will stand out in MAFS Season 16, but for the wrong reasons.

Married at first sight Season 16 has barely begun, but fans of the long-running Lifetime series believe Airris will be the show’s next villain. While MAFS has attempted to produce dozens of successful marriages since Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner tied the knot in 2014, nearly every attempt at matchmaking has ended in divorce, or in the worst-case scenario, even early annulments. While most couples try to put their foot forward at the start of the eight-week experience, it doesn’t take long for things to fall apart when their true personalities start to come through.


Although fans want to cheer on as many cast members as possible, there’s always one person who manages to leave a bad impression, like Alyssa from MAFS season 14 and his similar counterpart, Morgan of MAFS season 15. Whether one partner is blatantly disrespectful to the other, or the couple is so incompatible that it distresses viewers more than it entertains them, MAFS fans have learned to spot red flags and behavioral issues quickly over the years. These models were again spotted in the MAFS Season 16 matchmaking special ahead of the season premiere on Jan. 4, and while several grooms rubbed them the wrong way, Airris particularly stood out as someone to watch.

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MAFS Fans Not Impressed With Airris’ Bachelorette Lifestyle

Airris and Jasmine from MAFS season 16.

Although costars Clint and Airris, both 39, are two of the oldest cast members alongside Michael from MAFS season 15, fans quickly raised their eyebrows at Airris’ apparent lack of domesticity. Along with being introduced to Lifetime viewers in what appeared to be a sterile Airbnb with no furniture or photos, it didn’t take long for Airris to reveal that his mother was still doing his laundry for him. While the treat on Airris isn’t an immediate red flag, per se, MAFS fans took the admission as something that could be an indication of bigger issues down the line. “They’re going to mess up [Jasmine] up. Anyone in their 30s who doesn’t do their own laundry shouldn’t be on the show.” a Reddit user stated in a thread started by u/AirShampoo.

MAFS fans wary of past Airris relationships

Airris and Jasmine from MAFS season 16.

It is common for participants to agree to be matched after a series of failed relationships, such as Alexis from MAFS season 15, but fans who listened to Airris’ introduction weren’t impressed with how he described his previous flames. Although Airris’ last relationship ended in heartbreak after he was ghosted about a decade ago, Airris pointed out that he was confused by the chain of events since he usually cuts off women, not l ‘reverse. Coupled with the admission that “the male ego is fragile”, and his newfound desire to settle down and have kids, fans think Airris may not be as ready for marriage as he thinks he is. “Airris probably won’t give much, no way [Jasmine] going to be in him,” predicted a Reddit user.

To make matters worse for the MAFS star of season 16, while Stacia’s mother supported her marriage to Nate, Airris’ family made it clear that they did not want him to participate in the experiment. Airris’ cousin, Fallina, in particular, spoke loudly of her disdain and told Airris directly and MAFS producers that he wasn’t ready to walk down the aisle and marry a stranger. While viewers will have to wait and see how Airris and Jasmine’s wedding goes, all signs point to the matching couple getting married. Since the last seasons of MAFS have had disastrous success rates, hopefully Airris and her relationship with Jasmine will eventually prove fans wrong.

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Married at first sight season 16 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

Source: u/AirShampoo/reddit

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