Why Long Island doesn’t have to be expensive

Long Island in the Bahamas is a true gem for nature lovers and peace seekers traveling on a budget.

Aerial photo of the Baha Mar Resort in the Bahamas

Long Island is a place just waiting to be explored. It is perfect for those looking for an intimate setting untouched by mass tourism, unlike the Bahamas destinations like Nassau or Exuma. Nestled 165 miles southeast of Nassau, Long Island’s topography is stunning, thanks to the craggy rocky headlands found on its northeast side and a range of soft, powdery beaches on its southwest coast, where the you can walk at sunset.

Besides its peaceful setting and spotless shrines, Long Island is also known for its majestic caves, which play a major role in the island’s history. Of course, one cannot leave Long Island without visiting the world famous underwater sinkhole. Dean’s Blue Hole is the second deepest blue hole in the world, with a depth of around 200 meters. The advantage of visiting this dream island is that you don’t need a wad of cash to enjoy its beauty. Here’s our budget guide to Long Island in the Bahamas, where you can experience the authentic side of this island.


Best time to visit Long Island for budget travelers

Although the Bahamas is known to be an expensive island destination, budget travelers can still consider vacationing on its pristine island by considering some points. With good research and planning, one can travel inexpensively to this part of the Bahamas.

For example, vacationers on a budget may choose to visit Long Island during shoulder season instead of peak season, when the destination is more likely to be crowded and hotels reach full occupancy.

One of the best ways to get some of the best flight deals is to book flights days or even weeks in advance. Many service providers advise budget travelers to book their flights at least 25 days in advance.

  • Peak Season: North American vacationers tend to flee the snowy winter weather to escape to the comfortable daytime temperatures of the Bahamas, which range between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The high season begins in mid-December and lasts until April. During this time, many will be lucky enough to come across hammerhead sharks and tiger sharks.

  • Low Season: Travelers on a budget can consider traveling to Long Island during low season, which begins in August and lasts through November. During this time of year, budget travelers will likely find some of the cheapest flights from Miami to Long Island. For example, in January a plane ticket can cost around $559, while in August it can cost around $450 (Momondo).

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Stay in a family guest house

Another way to get the most out of a budget Bahamian vacation is to skip the high-end hotels and try to stay at a family-run guesthouse, where guests will have the chance to mingle with the locals and get a kick out of it. learn more about their culture.

By staying at a local’s guesthouse, guests will also help support local businesses. Of course, the main advantage of staying in a local guesthouse is that travelers will be more exposed to discovering the authentic side of the island through recommendations.

Ellen’s Inn

The charming Ellen’s Inn is beautifully nestled in a quiet, secluded area yet close to the airport. The guest house has an immaculate bedroom, a bathroom with toiletries and a green garden.

Nearby amenities include a grocery store, restaurants, and popular attractions such as the Hamilton Caves and the Long Island Museum.

Greenwich Creek Lodge

Surrounded by towering palms and trees, Greenwich Creek Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy the languid pace of Long Island life. The lodge is about a 10 minute drive from the airport. The property is close to a fishing center which means it is ideal for those looking to fish, however the lodge has a ‘catch and release’ policy which means any fish caught must be returned to the sea.

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Long Island, Bahamas: Free Activities and Local Cuisine

Free activities

The obvious thing to do when visiting Long Island is to enjoy the island’s pristine beaches. Its alluring coastline exudes a relaxing vacation feeling. Root yourself in nature while enjoying the sun-drenched beaches and calm atmosphere.

Some recommended beaches are Stella Maris Beach, Turtle Cove Beach and Cabbage Point Beach.

History buffs can visit the 18th-century Anglican Church of St. Mary the Virgin, which was built by the Spaniards when they visited Long Island. Take a tour to see the ancient ruins and don’t forget to take great photos.

Local cuisine: conch salad

For authentic Long Island fare, head to Max’s Conch Bar, a rustic cabin-style eatery known for its delicious conch salad, other seafood, and must-try local dishes.

The restaurant is approximately one mile from the Deadman’s Cay airport.

  • Facilities: Free wireless internet and karaoke some nights.
  • Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)
  • Price: $11 to $30

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