Why Target Really Has Those Giant Red Balls Outside Stores

The real reason you see those giant red balls outside Target stores isn’t what you think.

We all love a good Target run. Whether you’re there for groceries or just shopping for clothes or home goods, the store has plenty to offer. One of the most recognizable features of a Target store, other than its red Target logo, is something we all walk by every time we enter the store. The giant red concrete balls.

Many think they are only there for branding and decoration. Others like to use them as something to sit on. Children will tend to climb on it and jump. However, the real reason Target puts them on the sidewalks outside of their stores is for your safety, the customer. According to FamilyHandyMan.com:

The giant concrete balls, called bollards, serve as security measures to prevent cars from entering store doors and potentially harming shoppers.

Bollards are often seen in front of many businesses for this reason. While most of them are more cylindrical in shape, Target is shaped like a sphere for branding purposes. If you were to visit, say, a Walmart, you would see terminals that look like this:

Cathy Pedrayes, Security Expert also explains why Target has these balls near the doors of their stores on TikTok.

What’s crazy is that most people never even gave those concrete balls a second thought as to why they were really there outside of Target. Now you know!

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