Woman Complains About Gross Airbnb in Bali; realizes that she has been to an abandoned villa

Booking accommodation online is now the new normal. Gone are the days of booking accommodation over the phone, now everything is online. Recently, a woman from New Zealand booked an Airbnb in Bali. Little did she know she had entered anything less than a haunted house. Read on for his original experience.

New Zealand tourist checks in on Airbnb in Bali

Bree Robertson from New Zealand has decided to become a globetrotter. So she quit her nine-to-five job in June and moved her base to Indonesia. She has since documented her travels on TikTok under the username @atypical_adventure. Bree booked an Airbnb in East Bali for a romantic getaway with her partner. The Airbnb cost him $80 ( 6356) per night. The property promised panoramic views, a spacious dining room and so on. It also got good reviews.

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realizes it’s an abandoned villa

Since the website mentioned the host had a one hour response time, Bree figured the rental was still accepting active reservations. Once she registered in the bali villa Bree realized that it was an abandoned property. She made a TikTok video documenting her hosting nightmare. Resembling a haunted mansion, the villa had broken windows, overgrown bushes, and was completely desolate. There was no one at the property. After the video went viral, many TikTok users wondered how Airbnb could still list this property. Bree requested a refund from Airbnb, and the property aggregator removed the Bali villa from the listing.

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