Letters to the Editor, July 29

Problems with Marco’s rental order

“Take Back Marco” is the name of the PAC who drafted this proposed order. This of course raises the question: take back from whom?

One might wonder why vacation rental owners are so opposed to this ordinance. Here are three answers: 1) Trash: This is not a “simple check-in,” as there are 19 legal minefield areas that are in direct conflict with Florida law as well as the Constitution. This order is tied to an immediate trial and will waste millions. 2) Government Overreach: No government has ever managed to micromanage private property with the mandates contained in this law. Not only is it invasive and absurd in nature, but it is totally impossible to control and enforce. 3) The perpetrators’ goals have been public for years and this stopgap will only serve to put a knife in the hand of your worst neighbor. They would go from simply creating lists to full stalking and harassment, taking pictures and scoping out every license plate. Get a few quotes issued, then landlords can NOT rent to ANYONE for ANY length of time. This represents a lawful taking and improper seizure of property.

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