Woman shares ‘abandoned mall’ in her Airbnb rental on TikTok

Claire Scheulin became an internet sensation overnight after having shared a video tour on TikTok of what she claimed was an abandoned Airbnb mall where she and her friends were staying. Her initial post received over 7 million views, prompting her to make a multi-part series on the spooky mansion.

Videos show Scheulin and his friends explore seemingly abandoned space, with carpeted back rooms, dusty furniture, and empty storefronts.

While she won’t disclose the location of her Airbnb until she leaves, reviewers seem confident it is an older hotel in Hollywood Beach, Florida.

β€œIt’s the Hollywood Beach Resort in Florida and it’s undergoing renovations,” commented one TikTok user.

Another commentator confirmed the location of Hollywood Beach, saying the resort was once a hospital, adding to the creeps.

Another TikToker, known on the platform as whojosh, confirmed the existence of a spooky mall space in a video of his own. He explains that he and his friends stayed at the same “run down and sketchy” Airbnb during spring break from college, and compared it to a “weird simulation problem.” According to his article, his experience there was similar to Scheulin’s, although he also describes the existence of a working cafe inside the mall: Another video of Scheulin’s portrays this crowded cafe.

the Hollywood Beach Resort dates back to 1925, and was once a luxurious hotspot. According to Sentinel of the Sun, it worked briefly as a school for naval officers, then a Bible school, before being transformed into condos. The Oceanwalk Mall was added in 1988 and went on sale a year later. It is not known whether the building and the shopping center are undergoing renovations.

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