WorkBnB CEO finds solutions to provide companies with rental homes for employee travel

Vacation rental companies have been one of the main outlets for short-term stays, but a new approach is for long-term accommodation.

WorkBnBa black-led travel startup based in Reno, Nevada, is on a mission to accelerate the proliferation of workforce rental housing to improve the lives of millions of people who travel for work in the states -United.

The application, managed by Yeves Perezchairman and chief executive officer, and Staples Daj’Aniquepresident, is a participant of Techstars, an acceleration program in Tulsa.

“Construction workers, journeymen, linemen, in most cases they don’t book where they’re staying. They get their travel assignments from the company. So if the company can’t find housing, they’ll put them in a motel or hotel for months,” Perez said. The Black Wall Street Times.

According to the outlet, the app helps companies find long-term rental accommodations for their employees, unlike other apps like AirBnB which only offer short-term rentals.

“They don’t even try. And they don’t treat their guests very well. This is why we are so successful. We want it to be a black-run business and we want to own that space,” Perez said.

Worker well-being and satisfaction is Perez’s top priority.

“Imagine you’re an office administrator or travel manager for a large construction company and you’re trying to find 30 employees. You have to search one at a time, one reservation at a time,” the tech entrepreneur said.

In 2021, Perez created a Facebook group to collect data, with the goal of discovering hosts who were willing to do long-term rentals. He shared the difficulty he faced in receiving support from Reno’s tech community since the company was not blockchain-based.

After being turned down for an acceleration program he applied for in Reno, Perez received an encouraging phone call from an interested French international news travel platform.

“As a tech entrepreneur, you don’t build in a closet by yourself, assuming what people want,” Perez said.

Apparently Perez moved the company from Las Vegas to Tulsa, Oklahoma, the home of the first Black Wall Street. The WorkBnB community has approximately 600 participants in 39 states.

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