Worker Shares Horribly Sneaky Spots She Found Hidden Cameras In The Office

An office worker has claimed in a series of now-viral videos that she found hidden cameras at work – one under her desk, one in her office and one in the employee toilets.

Posting to TikTok under the username VLeeG (@texicana208), the employee said the alleged perpetrator, a maintenance worker, was eventually fired and issued a criminal trespassing warning. The posts amassed a combined total of over 3 million views and thousands of comments from viewers who applauded VLeeG for their action.

camera one

According to VLeeG’s first video, the first camera she found was the one under her desk.

“I noticed it was hip,” she says, pointing to a white brick with a cable attached. “I followed him and there’s a camera over there.”

An office worker has claimed in a series of now-viral videos that she found several hidden cameras at work.

Camera two

Worried, she scanned the office to see if she could find any other hidden cameras and, to her surprise, she said she found one in the employee restroom. The camera was disguised as a peg; however, when she undid the “hook” from the door and flipped it over, she found a USB port.

“Oh my god,” VLeeG said in a separate video as she showed viewers the “hook”.

To confirm that the coat hook was indeed a camera, she searched for “clothes hook hidden camera” on Amazon, and I found the camera itself she took the bathroom.

Of course, she wanted to catch the person responsible for setting up these devices, so VLeeG unplugged the hidden camera under her desk, hoping that “whoever it belonged to would come back and see why it wasn’t working.” she says. Then her husband placed a baby monitor on his desk.

After leaving the office, they went home and “waited”. Indeed, the baby monitor caught a man coming to his office and play with something underneath.

camera three

And when she got to work the next morning, she found a third camera disguised as a charging brick plugged into an outlet in his office.

Commentators pleaded with her to call the police and contact human resources (HR).

“We absolutely work with PD and I’m HR, we acted quickly and the company was very supportive, which I’m very grateful for,” she said in a comment.

In another message, she added that the worker had been fired from his job and given a trespassing warning.

“It’s done for now” she wrote. “In the hands of the law now.”

Newsweek has contacted VLeeG for comment.

Are hidden cameras common?

According to Keith Roberts, a technician with Advanced Sweeping, hidden cameras have become “much more prevalent”.

Before, there was a tight market and you had to know someone to find one,” he said. The Independent. “They’re much easier to buy now – anyone can buy them commercially on Amazon or eBay.”

One way to see if the device is a camera is to shine [a] bright light on her. If you hit the lens of a camera, it will give a bluish sheen.

Keith Roberts

To spot hidden cameras in hotel rooms or other areas of concern, cybersecurity educator Marcus Hutchins recommends shining a “bright light” on any suspicious device.

“One way to see if the device is a camera is to shine [a] bright light on her. If you hit a camera lens, it will give off a bluish sheen,” he said.

Hutchins also advised people to look for electronic devices “placed in areas that could be ideally positioned for spying”.

TikTokers Show support

TikTokers thanked VLeeG for sharing her story and applauded her for her action.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you…thank you for sharing your story and helping others be aware,” Cat said. “You are amazing.”

I’m so sorry this is happening to you…thank you for sharing your story and helping others be aware.

TikTok commenter

“I’m so sorry that you and your co-workers were raped by such a disgusting and screwed up person. Kudos for getting the necessary evidence,” Bunny wrote.

“I’m sorry this happened to you! But good for you for getting the goosebumps!” exclaimed Karina Swann Daniel.

“Sorry you went through this, but glad you were smart enough and noticed and acted on it,” topshelfnochaser added.

A former hacker and self-proclaimed cybersecurity educator has created a viral TikTok video showing users how to spot hidden cameras inside Airbnbs. You can watch his video here.

In March, a vacation rental host in Texas was accused of hiding a camera in the bedroom of the home and taking more than 2,000 explicit images of guests.

And in 2018, a Starbucks customer allegedly found a hidden camera recorded in a bathroom stall.

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