WSOP Travel Guide: Ride the Las Vegas Strip Monorail

To and from 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) will be a little more complicated than last year given go from the Rio to the Stripand one mode of transportation you might consider is the monorail.

The Rio, love it or hate it, was conveniently located off but close to the Strip, and the parking lot just outside the gates of the WSOP area was spacious enough to replace with a stadium of the Major League Baseball (there were even rumors about it.).

Going forward, those luxuries are gone, but that doesn’t mean attending the WSOP on the bustling Las Vegas Strip will be a nuisance. It just means that players, media and visitors need to make some adjustments in their planning, starting with how they travel to and from Bally’s and Parisnew World Series of Poker host site.

What is the Las Vegas Strip Monorail?

Poker players participating in the 2022 WSOP will be staying across the city in hotels, AirBnBs and of course their homes. And not everyone will have a car to drive to Bally’s, or want to pay the high parking fees (up to $23 per day for those without at least a Caesars Rewards Platinum Card).

So how do you avoid these fees and the heavy traffic of the Las Vegas Strip? One option is the monorail, a quick and convenient solution depending on where you are staying.

The monorail is located on the east side of the Strip and runs north to south. Due to the route running behind the casinos facing Koval Lane instead of Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip), drop-off and pick-up points are at the back of the casinos. Monorail trains arrive approximately every 4-8 minutes with station announcements to keep you informed of the next arrival time.

Monorail Map
The Las Vegas Monorail Map

There are seven stops along the route, including one at Bally’s. Starting from the south end of the strip, the first (or last if coming from the north) stops at MGM Grand, followed by Bally’s & Paris, Flamingo, Harrah’s & The Linq, Las Vegas Convention Center, Westgateand Sahara.

The monorail is a convenient and economical way to get around the Strip without having to pay Uber/taxi and parking fees or walk a mile (or more) in the 110 degree summer heat.

For those staying on the Strip but not at one of the hotels near Bally’s, the monorail might just be your best option in terms of expense and convenience.

Cost, hours and discount for locals

las vegas strip monorail
Las Vegas Strip Monorail stop at the MGM Grand.

The monorail costs $5 each way, $13 for 24 hours of unlimited use, $23 for a two-day pass, $36 for a four-day pass, and $56 for a seven-day pass. Children five and under travel free.

There is an important discount available for locals. If you present Nevada ID to the cashier, you can purchase up to two rides per day for $1 each. You must show your ID and provide a phone number at time of purchase. If you need more than two journeys in one day, you will have to pay the normal rate for the additional journeys.

Local discounts can only be purchased from a cashier, which can sometimes be a problem if the employee at the stop you are at is on a break. For all others, you can buy your tickets online at or from the kiosks available at each train stop.

Monorail costs

Ticket type Price
Single ride $US 5.00
24 hour pass $13.00
2 day pass $23.00
3 day pass $29.00
4 day pass $US 36.00
5 day pass $US 43.00
7 day pass $US 56.00

The monorail hours of operation are quite convenient for poker tournament players, except Mondays – only operates from 7 a.m. to midnight. Tuesday through Thursday hours are 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. Friday through Sunday.

The train runs frequently, so you never have to wait long when you are in a hurry. It only takes a minute or two to get from one stop to another. You could possibly hop on the monorail during dinner break and return to your hotel room to eat, depending on where you’re staying, and step back in time.

Where to take the monorail

As mentioned, there are seven stops along the route on the east side of Las Vegas Boulevard. This means that if you are staying at a hotel on the west side of the Strip (Luxor, for example), you will need to cross the street and then walk through the nearest casino with a monorail stop to board.

This can be a bit inconvenient for those staying in certain hotels. Take, for example, Mandalay Bay, which is located at the southern end of the Strip on the west side of LVB. In this case, your hike to the nearest monorail stop (MGM Grand) is about half a mile, and even a bit further in actual walking distance once you factor in the pass by MGM Grand to get to the train.

That said, your walk won’t be too long to the monorail from most Strip hotels.

The pickup and drop-off location at Bally’s is quite convenient for those participating in the World Series of Poker. It will take you about five minutes on foot to reach the train stop from the Bally congress district and add a few extra minutes if you are playing in the Paris congress district.

The train stop is located downstairs just next to the Bally’s swimming pool entrance.

2022 World Series of Poker Hub

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Compare transportation options

Taking the monorail from your hotel to the WSOP is really only practical for those staying on the Strip at hotels within walking distance of Bally’s and Paris. Or, for those who don’t want to move their parked cars for a bite to eat during the dinner break outside of the WSOP zone.

Poker players who have a Caesars Rewards Platinum or better card and a car in Las Vegas better drive and park at Bally’s because it’s free.

Two large car parks and valet services are available to customers:

  • Paris Las Vegas car park — Park here, walk down the path, take the escalator and you will find yourself right next to the Palais des Congrès de Paris (where the main WSOP cage, cash games and Day 1 tables are located)
  • Bally car park (located directly behind Bally’s with access from Koval Lane or Flamingo) – Park here, go upstairs to Bally’s Event Center (where all final tables, streaming and TV production are, Day 2 and restart tables)
  • Valet services will also be available at the main hotel entrances of both properties.

How much does parking cost?

Hours Cost
1st hour free
13 hours $15
3 – 24 hours $18
More than 24 hours a day $18
Hotelier $18

Premises with a valid Nevada ID: Rates apply after the first 3 hours, excluding event pricing

Caesars Rewards Platinum, Diamond, Seven Stars: Free

Friday and Saturday rates increase to $23/day for non-renters but remain at $18/day for hotel guests.

Reduced price weekly parking passes for extended stays are available for purchase in the main WSOP cage inside the Champagne Ballroom in Paris for $100a reduction of 40%.

Caesars Rewards credit card: free. Apply for free at the Caesars Rewards Desk inside Caesars Palace or Planet Hollywood.

There are other transportation options to attend the WSOP for those staying on the Strip. First of all, you can always walk and exercise, which is also a great way to clear your mind after a tough poker session. Keep in mind, however, that it’s going to be sunny and scorching outside almost every day in Las Vegas during the series, and there’s very little shade in the desert.

Uber, Lyft, and taxis are available from every hotel, but these are much more expensive and arguably less convenient than the monorail. Another alternative for those staying on the west side of Las Vegas Boulevard is the multiple free trolleys available.

If you’re staying in Mandalay Bay or Luxor, you can avoid transportation costs by taking the free tram from Mandalay (or Luxor) to Excalibur, then walking to Aria/Park MGM (takes about 10 minutes) to get there. take another for free. tram to Bellagio. All you have to do from there is walk through the Bellagio shops and across the alley to Bally’s to reach the WSOP.

To and from the World Series of Poker is not unique. But there are many options available, so choose the one that best suits your situation.

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