York will see record demand for deer and hens this year

Record numbers of stags and hens are set to descend on York in 2023, overtaking hotspots such as Budapest and Barcelona, ​​a major industry figure has said.

Last night of freedom claims that in recent years york has become a major destination for pre-wedding parties, especially with brides.

While bookings have more than doubled since 2019, the city’s new reputation has proven controversial.

Local Labor MP Rachael Maskell argued the revelers were causing ‘devastation’ in the historic town.

Meanwhile, exclusive new figures show York’s popularity with stags and hens is only set to continue.

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Matt Mavir, founder of Last Night of Freedom, said: “Krakow, Budapest and Barcelona are still immensely popular with stags and hens – yet in 2023 York appears to require around twice as many bookings as all of them.”

Since then, the Tyneside company has organized more than 45,000 trips around the world.

Mr Mavir points out that York has seen an “astronomical” rise in popularity, largely linked to the city’s boutique bars and Instagrammable appearance.

Currently, the city is the headquarters of the company eighth most popular hen party venuein a portfolio that stretches from Blackpool to the North Pole.

However, York City Council has revealed it is launching a bachelor and hen party guide to try to steer groups away from all-day drinking sessions.

Ms Maskell previously called for a special zone in the city to help separate revelers from locals.

The Labor MP went on to discuss the impact of Airbnb properties, often used by stags and hens, on local families.

During a recent debate in parliament, she said families were “surrounded by party houses”, adding that “fear fills the community” when visitors arrive on Friday.

Mr Mavir argues York will only become more popular with bands who he says bring in between £5m and £10m each year for the city.

He added: “Our early booking figures for 2023 show that York will not only remain incredibly popular with stags and hens, but it will be the busiest summer yet.”

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“Stags and hens are not everyone’s cup of tea, however, the vast majority are well behaved and cause no problems.

“The groups we send to York tend to be respectable professionals – teachers, nurses and often parents – who don’t see a weekend as a chance to get on a rampage.

“They just want a scenic spot to enjoy a few cocktails with their best friends, not tie themselves to streetlights.”

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