You can actually rent The Holiday’s cottage on Airbnb

Tired of looking at the same four walls every day? Are you looking to escape for a moment in your life? Did your movie composer boyfriend just cheat on you with his secretary and confront you about your inability to cry?

So why not pass the holidays at charming Rosehill – er, Honeysuckle – Cottage, just an hour’s drive from exciting London.

Sound familiar? It’s because I’m talking about the cottage of the iconic Christmas movie Holidays!

Yes, you really can live your Cameron Diaz dream and cozy up in the quaint English Cottage for the winter now that it’s available to rent on Airbnb.

The stunning Surrey property was the inspiration behind Iris (Kate Winslet) adorable cottage after movie producers spotted it and fell in love with it.

After choosing Honeysuckle as one of the main filming locations for the film, it turned out to be a bit too far from London for the cast and crew to travel there.

As a result, the team ended up recreating the entire cottage brick-by-brick on a film set, naming it Rosehill Cottage.

Fancy a visit to The Holiday’s chalet? Credit: Airbnb

So it might not be the exact same building Cameron Diaz was in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit in the master bed with your hat and scarf on or shout the lyrics to “Mr. Brightside” while you’re there!

A description of the house on Airbnb reads: “The quintessential English cottage! This charming and cozy cottage inspired the design of Rosehill Cottage in the Hollywood hit film ‘The Holiday’. It truly is a place to stay. unique and tranquil.”

When Airbnb host Jonathan and his partner Cressida first bought Honeysuckle Cottage, they had no idea it was the famous home of Holidays. It wasn’t until they spotted it in a real estate magazine that they realized they had invested in a hidden gem.

Live your Cameron Diaz dream here.  Credit: Airbnb
Live your Cameron Diaz dream here. Credit: Airbnb

The house has lovely views of the Surrey Hills from its paved terrace and a wonderful rear garden with hedges, trees and plenty of space for al fresco dining, if you are staying in the warmer months .

The original elements such as the wood stove, the cantou and the wooden beams are still present on the foundations of the house. And if you’re worried about freezing in the cold season, Honeysuckle Cottage has underfloor heating.

The house can accommodate five people, with two double bedrooms and one single, as well as a bath, a shower, two toilets and a laundry room.

However, among all their amenities, I’m sorry to say that Jude Law is not included in the house.

The cottage is available to rent for around £275 per night, with a two night minimum required, but you will want make your reservation here as soon as possible – this is a highly sought after product!

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