You can now book ‘The Holiday’ cottage on Airbnb

We are finally less than a week away from the big day, and Christmas is in full swing in the UK. We’re talking twinkling lights lining every street. We’re talking mulled wine in a blanket on the couch. And we’re most definitely talking about watching Vacationsagain and again.

Well, if you think you’ve exhausted the classic Christmas rom-com (and would love to be the envy of literally all your friends), we have some very, very exciting news for you: you can now rent the real- movie life cottage on Airbnb.

The film’s producers visited Honeysuckle Cottage in Holmbury St. Mary, Surreybefore starting filming, and immediately chose it as one of the main filming locations (they were obviously looking for the “cutest, smallest, most English cottage” they could find).

Photo: Airbnb

Honeysuckle Cottage Airbnb
Photo: Airbnb

The cottage itself was too far removed from the London cast and crew, so they meticulously recreated the property for the film, naming it Rosehill Cottage. Much later in 2019, couple Jon and Cressida Bromley bought the cottage for £625,000 but had no idea it was the one in the film. They finally realized it after reading it in a real estate magazine, which is lucky, because fans of Vacations frequently show up at their door to take a look.

Now they rent Honeysuckle Cottage on Airbnb for around £295 a night. The house has low ceilings, exposed beams and a huge cantou with a wood stove. In addition, there is underfloor heating and an AGA. During the holiday season, the Bromleys decorate the house with fairy lights and a Christmas tree.

Want to book a stay? You can check out Honeysuckle Cottage on Airbnb here.

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