You can now rent Airbnb-style backyard pools in Montreal (PHOTOS)

There’s a new way to beat the heat in Montreal.

A company called Swimply allows users to rent backyard pools by the hour for a private bathing experience. The website is an online marketplace similar to Airbnb where owners can list their swimming pools for rent.

There are currently over 60 pools available on Swimply in the Greater Montreal area with enticing names such as The Oasis, Heavenand Luc’s swimming pool and grill.

Swimming pool AND grill for rent? What more could you want?

Prices per hour range from $25 to $70 per hour, and owners can set limits on the number of guests allowed to swim in the pool.

“Founder and CEO Bunim Laskin came up with the idea in New York City one summer after noticing a neighbor’s pool that was rarely used,” a company spokesperson told Daily Hive via email. “He rented their swimming pool in exchange for helping to pay for pool maintenance.”

Swimply (Terrebonne)

Laskin wanted to turn this informal arrangement into a business and launched Swimply in 2018. He launched it on shark tank in 2020 but did not obtain an agreement. However, the exhibit sparked interest in the business and demand for private pool rentals skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the United States, Swimply has 250,000 users and more than 10,000 pools available for rental. Pool prices are currently listed in USD on the site, but the company is working to update CAD prices for Canadian users.

Some of the pools listed for Montreal offer other backyard amenities such as a barbecue (thanks, Luc), patio seating, private changing rooms, basketball courts, and hot tubs.

Hosts aren’t required to allow guests access to a bathroom, but about 85% of Swimply hosts currently do, according to the company. Guests who do not have a restroom available may only rent the pool for one hour at a time to a maximum of five people.

Swimply also operates Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

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