34 awesome signs of welcome signs from all over upstate New York

Are you like me, noticing town, town, and town signs welcoming you to their community as you drive to a destination? While there are many things along my journey that I do not observe, I do notice signs of welcome.

And I’m in awe of many of these signs that are created by the community he represents. Some represent the city really well. I’ve seen several that have a community slogan or brag about some of the city’s significant accomplishments.

I searched Google Maps and found 34 towns, villages and towns that have some sort of welcome sign or other structure to welcome visitors to their community. Some towns have their welcome signs at the border, some in the city center, some in parks and some are different types of structures like the arches above the main streets of Endicott and Johnson City.

A community – Warren Center, PA is best represented by a small Sinclair gas station (not a functioning gas station.) Also, the Google Maps car has yet to drive through this beautiful area, I did not have access to a photo of their welcome sign.

Take a virtual tour of our local communities, towns, boroughs, villages and towns, and discover how proud they welcome you to their community. (Hats off to BIG Chuck at Oneonta, who inspired this article with his article on some of upstate New York’s most unique panels).

NY Southern Tier & PA Northern Tier Town Welcome signs

via Google Maps Street View

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