You can rent the English Cottage from ‘the Holiday’ on Airbnb

  • The rural English cottage that inspired Kate Winslet’s home in ‘The Holiday’ is now on Airbnb.
  • The quaint brick house is surrounded by lush landscaping and includes a flagstone patio and garden.
  • The couple who own the home settled on Airbnb after learning it was a movie landmark.

Fans of the Christmas film “The Holiday” – a romantic comedy by Nancy Meyers released in 2006 – can now book an Airbnb stay at the English Cottage which inspired the home of Kate Winslet’s character, Iris Simpkins.

Nestled in a rural village in Surrey, England, is the three-bedroom cottage – known as Rosehill Cottage in the film – with a quaint stone exterior, surrounded by the lush landscape of the Surrey hills. It includes a large paved terrace and garden, as well as ample space for al fresco dining.

The interior of the multi-storey chalet features wooden beams, a cantou, an oil-fired aga stove and a heated ground floor.

the airbnb holiday listing

The house that inspired the English cottage in “The Holiday” is now on Airbnb.


The cottage is owned by Jon and Cressida Bromley, The British newspaper The Independent reported. They first saw the house in a property magazine and bought it for £625,000, or around $755,000, in 2019. They moved in unaware that it had inspired the Hollywood film, according to The Independent.

After strangers started showing up and taking photos of the house, the couple soon learned that their house was a cinematic landmark. That’s when they decided to rent the property on Airbnb for around £295, or $356 a night, The Independent reported.

In the DVD commentary for ‘The Holiday’, production designer Jon Hutman said he wanted to film in the idyllic rural English cottage, but was too far away to bring the London-based crew there, according to Addicted to houses.

Instead, the set designers built an identical house closer to London from scratch. It was pulled when production ended, according to The Independent.

The cottage is where Amanda Woods, a heartbroken Hollywood trailer producer played by Cameron Diaz, vacations for two weeks after swapping her California home with Iris. While there, she meets and falls in love with Winslet’s brother, Graham Simpkins, a widowed book editor played by Jude Law.

The house has been booked for Christmas, New Years weekend and most of February 2023, according to Airbnb, although there will be reservations available throughout the coming year.

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