You can rent the Scream 3 cabin on Airbnb

A prime location in Cry 3 was the cabin of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell). The filming location now serves as a vacation rental and special event location. While inside the Scream franchise, the cabin was allegedly near the central California coast in Monterey. In real life, visitors can find it in Topanga, a few miles north of Malibu.

β€œIt was way up in the hills. It was quite a schlep for the Teamsters to get it all up there, but it was a great location,” director Wes Craven said in the DVD commentary.

Formerly known as Windwalk Ranch, the property was previously owned by silver spoons actor Ricky Schroder and his then-wife Andrea from 2005 to 2019, believed to have been after Craven and company fired Cry 3 the. The resort was later rehabilitated and rebranded by Elsewhere California as The Estate after a $9.3 million off-market deal.


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The location, located at the end of a private road, is surrounded by wide open spaces and dusty roads. According Dirt, seven unique spaces are available for short and long term stays, special events, filming and photo shoots. The place includes a main residence, a barn, a guest house, horse-drawn carriages, paths, flower gardens, a large carousel and several century-old oak trees.

The structure that Cry 3 used as Sidney’s residence is known as the Gate House. More importantly, the Gate House was shown at the very end of the film, where Dewey Riley (David Arquette) proposed to Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) on the main deck. This scene was sparsely followed by Sidney feeling comfortable enough to let his front door open, closing what was to be the end of a trilogy.

“We all thought Sidney had earned the right to have the doors open.”

Where Guests Will Stay

Due to the remodel, the cabin is now less rustic and has a more bohemian or Old Hollywood glam vibe. However, the barn doors, brick wall cladding, bay windows seen in the film, and the general layout remain intact.

It consists of two bedrooms and a large bathroom on 1,053 square feet. There’s also a living room, dining room, peaked-roof loft, fully equipped kitchen with farmhouse sink, professional range, espresso machine and a suite of stainless steel appliances with a refrigerator. two oversized doors. The property also includes an on-site washer/dryer and WiFi.

Guests will find two massive decks outside the cabin, including one forward with lounge chairs, fire pit, dining area, grill, shower and six-person cedar tub. The secondary terrace wraps around the back of the house and has been furnished with rocking chairs, a seating area and access to the master bedroom.

Rates on Airbnb start at around $600, which some might find scarier than any horror movie they’ve watched. Guests should also be aware that deer will likely greet them upon arrival. However, they will no doubt offer a much warmer reception than Ghostface or the specter of Sidney’s murdered mother, Maureen (Lynn McRee).

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