You can rent ‘the White Lotus’ villa for around $6,000 on Airbnb

  • Villa Tasca is available for around $6,000 per night with a three-night minimum on Airbnb.
  • The three-story palatial estate with 20-acre gardens featured on HBO’s “The White Lotus.”
  • Your luxury stay includes a butler, concierge, and room attendants.

If you desperately need a 16th century Sicilian villa to reveal your marriage secrets, Villa Tasca is now available for rent on Airbnb.

Featured in the second season of HBO’s ‘The White Lotus’, the lavish estate was home to Daphne, played by Meghann Fahy, and Harper, played by Aubrey Plaza, when they ditched their husbands on their luxury vacation.

An ivy-covered three-story villa with lush gardens at sunset

Villa Tasca has inspired famous opera composers, according to its website.

Courtesy of the Airbnb Photography Community

Now you and up to seven guests can also enjoy the house’s neoclassical architecture, Venetian chandeliers, 20-acre gardens, citrus orchard and a pond filled with live swans. Pricing per night starts at 4,814 GBP (6,000 USD) and there is a three-night minimum for each stay.

Built in the 1500s as a hunting lodge for an Italian baron, Villa Tasca was home to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and King Ferdinand IV, according to the Villa’s website. The estate also inspired the music of famous opera composers Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi.

Blue-green pool surrounded by palm trees

The grounds of Villa Tasca include an 8 hectare garden and a citrus orchard.

Courtesy of the Airbnb Photography Community

In “The White Lotus”, the villa is located in the town of Noto, known for its Baroque architecture. But Villa Tasca is actually located in Palermo, the capital of Sicily and where other tragic stories in season 2 take place. The estate is regularly the scene of weddings and disco parties, according to his Instagram.

Each apartment, according to the listing, includes private living rooms, carved wood cabinets, and marble bathroom tiles — but only one bedroom has a king-size bed.

During your stay, you will be looked after by a full-time staff that includes a concierge, butler, room attendants and house manager. For an undisclosed additional fee, staff will arrange local excursions and laundry services.

Blue and gold marble tiled room with a crystal chandelier and ceiling frescoes

A full-time staff accompanies your minimum stay of three nights.

Courtesy of the Airbnb Photography Community

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