You can rent this hobbit hole in the woods of Tennessee

Whether you’re a big Lord of the Rings fan or just looking for something a little different, the Wee Nook Airbnb in McEwen, Tennessee might just be the place for you. This whimsical hobbit-themed house was created by Catie and Marcia from Rock N Refuge and features a round style door and a warm hobbit house feel. This labor of love was created in 2017 and is themed around all-natural wood, slate, and stone that brings you what the Shire feels like in the heart of the Tennessee woods. Guarded by Gandalf himself, this unique hobbit hole is a hidden land waiting to be discovered. Choose your path. Will you descend the stone steps to the entrance or continue to the right to explore the natural outdoor spaces? Anyway, for just $179/night you will not be disappointed.


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Little corner

This 360 square foot living roof cabin is surrounded by a natural stone and wood entryway with classic style torchiere lamps on either side of the signature wooden circular door. A modern coded handle opens the door to reveal the stained concrete reminiscent of the dirt floor found in the original hobbit houses. The walls and ceilings are made of natural looking stucco with beautiful curved wooden beams throughout and matching curved windows made of antique glass and custom moldings. The beautiful woodwork continues through to the kitchen where countertops and shelving are all cleverly designed and house everything you might need during your stay. The curved wooden dining table is also handmade with love and folds neatly against the wall to create more space in the kitchen/dining room when not needed. The different sections of the hut are visually divided using padded mats for added warmth and comfort and help create the illusion of a larger overall space.

In the main open space, you’ll find the full kitchen with a drop-down table, a living room with a large sofa and coffee table, a small sitting area and a large bed with end tables, wooden lamps, and natural-style bedding . This location has its own heating and air conditioning unit to keep guests cool and comfortable, and includes running water, electricity, recessed lighting and modern appliances, as well as internal plumbing.

Unique windows and open storage spaces are covered in effortlessly hung natural linens in each area, and furnishings are done in warm woods and metals for an overall earthy feel. Every inch of this small space is provided, down to the cup hooks on the frame above the sink, the shelf for the dishes and the natural tea towels on the side wall.

In the bathroom, boat-style wooden walls and a mountain-inspired slate shower are accompanied by a beautiful antique countertop cabinet and an on-demand water heater. A mirrored vanity is also hidden to the side of the single curved door and the bathroom, just like the rest of the tiny house, is stocked with everything you might need while staying in this cozy abode.

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There is no Wi-Fi or TV here, just peaceful nature to explore, including beautiful hiking trails, a pond for fishing and swimming, horses, goats and upland cows . Inside you’ll also find a few Lord of the Rings books, a game or two, and a map of the Shire to keep you busy during your stay in case the weather turns bad.

Outdoor exploration

When you’re ready to exit, simply step back through the iconic circular green door and follow the stone path to your left to explore the edible plants and beautiful natural surroundings. Next to the house is a wooden log pergola with a living roof and classic style chairs. Walk past the pergola and you’ll find the stone bonfire for romantic starry nights, plus marshmallow sticks to roast if desired. Further still to the right is a small firewood rack for all your fire pit needs fully stocked with wood for your arrival (more available for purchase if needed during your stay as well). Continuing past the blazing fire, you will see the entrance to the private trails included in your stay. These are perfect for strolling and admiring the beauty of nature as well as visiting the on-site pond, garden and orchard in this beautiful hobbit-like destination.

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If you’re looking for a cozy vacation in your own private hobbit hole, look no further than Little corner. After all, who wouldn’t want to stay in their own “…hole in the ground…not…a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit or eat…a hobbit hole, and that means comfort.” – JRR Tolkien

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