You can see the Northern Lights from your bed in this Airbnb in Iceland

The Northern Lights are a must on any travel bucket list. And for good reason. But what if there was a way to see them that didn’t involve hiking in the remote northern regions (and getting very cold in the process)?

Well, this beautiful glass-paneled cottage in Iceland lets you admire the Northern Lights while you’re in bed, eating dinner, or even taking a shower. The Airbnb is in the lava desert near the town of Hella: a perfectly alien landscape to see dazzling green lights appear in the sky.

Photography: Henry Moide / Airbnb

It is also very elegant. Inside, you’ll find a whole bunch of chic, minimalist furniture, plus faux fur blankets for even more comfort. Step outside and you’ll find a hot tub with a view of Hekla, one of the largest volcanoes in the country.

The property even has a dedicated “workspace,” so if you want to pair astronomical sightings with, uh, email, you can. The property can sleep two people and is available for short and long term stays (from £443 or $603 per night). Attempted ? You can find out more via the official Airbnb Listing.

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