You Can Stay In These 7 Weird Airbnbs, From The UFO-Like Flying Saucer To The Huge Idaho Potato To The Huge Wooden Elephant

AIRBNB is full of all kinds of listings so whatever type of accommodation you are looking for you can probably find it on the platform.

From a UFO-like flying saucer to a massive Idaho potato house, there’s a list to suit every taste and occasion.


Secluded treehouse in GeorgiaCredit: Airbnb

Below, we’ve compiled a list of seven of the weirdest ads on Airbnb, found all over the world.

Isolated treehouse, Georgia

This Atlanta treehouse sleeps two and offers a ‘Quiet in Mad Sanctuary for Isolation’ and has been named one of the ‘World’s Top Rated Properties by Airbnb’.

It consists of three distinct areas named Mind, Body, and Spirit, which are each connected by rope bridges.

As the SEO says, “What could be better than falling asleep in the trees and waking up to the sound of birds singing around you, all within the city limits?”

However, the bathroom is shared with the main house and there is no heating or air conditioning, making it a true experience of nature.

You can experience it yourself for $ 389 per night, plus fees.

Potato Hotel, Idaho

The Potato Hotel in Boise, Idaho


The Potato Hotel in Boise, IdahoCredit: AP

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel in Boise, Idaho is certainly one of Arbnb’s more original offerings.

The six-ton ​​potato is made of concrete, plaster, and steel and is 28 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 11.5 feet high.

It was traveling with the Idaho Potato Commission’s Big Idaho Potato Tour before it was turned into a hotel, according to Hello America.

Two people can stay in the hotel, which has a queen-size bed and was designed by cottage developer Kristie Wolfe.

“If you love the mellow feeling you get when you eat Idaho potatoes, you’ll love staying at a Giant Potato that has become a comfy, grown-up getaway for two,” the listing reads.

Those looking for a night inside the potato can do so for $ 250 per night.

New Jersey Elephant

The Jersey Shore Elephant


The Jersey Shore ElephantCredit: Airbnb

Located just five miles from famous Atlantic City, this 138-year-old wooden elephant named Lucy is a Registered National Historic Landmark.

Lucy is also one of America’s oldest roadside attractions.

The hotel has six floors and its interior is decorated with an eclectic Victorian vibe

“I organized my first stay in 1902, and over the years I have been a tavern and a President of the United States. Today I am one of the most recognizable faces on the Jersey Shore, ”says the list of attractions.

“As you enter my walls (and climb 25 steps) you will be transported back in time to the 1800s, where you will feel the Victorian era come to life,” he adds.

There is one room in the hotel, which can sleep two people for $ 138 a night, plus charges.

Flying Saucer, United Kingdom

Flying saucer hotel in UK


Flying saucer hotel in UKCredit: Airbnb

Those looking for an alien experience might find it in this flying saucer in South Pembrokeshire, UK.

This one-of-a-kind spaceship offers a monitor for classic 80s games like Space Invaders and Defender, according to its SEO.

There are three beds, one double and two singles, inside which can accommodate up to four people.

As for the hatch, it is remotely controlled.

You can stay at this trendy place for $ 267 a night, plus fees.

Missile bunker, New Mexico

The Airbnb missile bunker seen from the outside


The Airbnb missile bunker seen from the outsideCredit: Airbnb
The Airbnb missile bunker is inside


The Airbnb missile bunker is insideCredit: Airbnb

You can stay in a Cold War-era ballistic missile silo near where a “UFO once crashed” for around $ 500 a night.

The missile base / bunker property – nicknamed the “True Cold War Relic Atlas F Missile Silo / Bunker” – is located in Roswell, New Mexico.

According to Airbnb announcement, which was rated 4.98 stars, the property has an “underground launch control center and utility tunnel that leads to the 186-foot-deep missile silo, with much of its soils of original still intact “.

Gary Baker, the owner of the missile silo, explains listening to the property that visitors can “enjoy the old upper level of the launch control center as a private apartment with many books and exhibits showing the early days of our missile heritage as well as a full lounge. “

The room offered is a private room with two beds and a private bathroom.

“The owners live on the lower level of the old launch control center,” the listing notes.

The unique space, which has underground cell service and free Wi-Fi, is surrounded by the high desert of southeastern New Mexico.

The silo costs approximately $ 550 for one night, not including taxes and additional cleaning, service and occupancy charges.

Treehouse, Paris

Treehouse near Paris


Treehouse near ParisCredit: Airbnb

This treehouse surrounded by greenery on the outskirts of Paris is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

It is located near a golf course and has a Nordic bath, as well as a mysterious floating sphere outside.

Two can stay at this wooden wonder for $ 339 per night, plus fees.

“The best experience,” says one of the Advertisement‘Comments.

Dome Hotel, Peru

The Dome Hotel in La Pasha, Peru


The Dome Hotel in La Pasha, PeruCredit: Airbnb

Located in the Andean region of La Pacha, Peru, this dome hotel sits at the foot of Pachatusan Mountain.

Each dome can accommodate two people and includes a double bed, feather duvet, private bathroom with hot shower, kitchenette, drinking well water, wifi access in the garden

“A peaceful place to relax in the calm of nature, without sacrificing modern comforts, while discovering the hidden historical treasures of Andean culture”, we read in the SEO.

And you can stay here for just $ 25 per night, plus all relevant fees.

You can stay in a Cold War era ballistic missile silo in Roswell near where “a UFO once crashed” for around $ 500 a night.

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