You Can Stay In This Oceanfront BC Dome Home And It Comes With The Coolest Pool

If you’re looking for an exciting getaway while staying near Vancouver, BC, you can stay at this mesmerizing dome with a rock-built pool.

The Airbnb is located in Duncan North Cowichan, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. You can get to this destination using BC Ferries, and it will take you about 3 hours and 16 minutes to get there, from Vancouver.

Two domed houses on the property.Jean and Linda | Airbnb

There are actually two domes located on the property, one for the home owners and one for anyone looking for guests.

Two domed houses on the property.Two domed houses on the property.Jean and Linda | Airbnb

If you ever need anything, you know help is just steps away.

The dome is located along the Pacific Ocean and you can even see it from your bedroom window. Imagine waking up, having your morning coffee and enjoying those breathtaking views.

Ocean view.Ocean view.Jean and Linda | Airbnb

The interior of the dome is extremely spacious and open with a ton of character. According to the Airbnb listingthe floors are 100 years old – which is a cool detail.

The living room.The living room.Jean and Linda | Airbnb

This place is a perfect summer destination to get away from the city and enjoy some serenity.

u200bDomed living room with ocean view.Dome living room with ocean view.Jean and Linda | Airbnb

The pool is actually built into the rocks, giving it the ultimate cave vibe. The whole stay would be a great place to get away with friends.

A swimming pool embedded in the cliff.A swimming pool embedded in the cliff.Jean and Linda | Airbnb

It’s time to book that summer vacation!

amazing dome

u200bA swimming pool built into the cliff.

A swimming pool embedded in the cliff.

Jean and Linda | Airbnb

Price: $189

Location: Duncan North Cowichan., BC

Why you have to go: It’s such a cool stay with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and an in-ground pool — what more could you ask for?


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