You can stay on this little island near Vancouver and sit in a hot tub overlooking the ocean

Summer vacation is right around the corner, and British Columbia offers some truly breathtaking vacation options.

This place is on a small island in the ocean and even has a hot tub where you can watch the sunset from. Could it get more romantic?

Plus, it’s only a 20-minute ride on BC Ferries from West Vancouver.

The Airbnb is on Bowen Island and is perfect for a luxurious oceanfront getaway that won’t break the bank.

Ocean view and Airbnb hot tub.Airbnb | lemon balm

Its price is $300 per night and you can sleep two people there.

For the price, you wake up and look out your bedroom window to see the bright blue ocean in front of you.

Airbnb bedroom.Airbnb bedroom.Airbnb | lemon balm

You can head out to the water and have your morning coffee while sitting on one of the lovely lawn chairs the hosts have set up.

Airbnb Lawn.Airbnb Lawn.Airbnb | lemon balm

The interior of the Airbnb is stunning – with a gorgeous rain shower you can rinse off after a salty swim.

Airbnb bathroom.Airbnb bathroom.Airbnb | lemon balm

The listing said you might have visitors during your stay as the place is “frequented by eagles, deer and if you’re lucky, whales!”

The Airbnb is a suite in a beautiful house, with a private entrance. The hosts actually have several Airbnb suites on the property, so you can rent any of them.

Airbnb room.Airbnb room.Airbnb | lemon balm

Bowen Island is also a super fun place to explore. You can spend your day hiking and visiting the island’s cute shops – before heading to this spot for a relaxing hot tub.

Hummingbird Oceanside Suites: St. Mark’s Suite

Outside the Airbnb.

Outside the Airbnb.

Airbnb | lemon balm

Price: $300 per night

Capacity: up to two people


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