You no longer receive child tax credit checks. Here’s why | app

WASHINGTON — If you raised kids during the pandemic, you probably remember something remarkable: getting checks in the mail, every month, from the federal government.

The expanded child tax credit provided a few hundred dollars to help pay for your son’s suspenders or your daughter’s ballet lessons – or to ease the stress of whether you had enough money to cover the mortgage. Then one day the checks stopped coming.

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kAms6DA:E6 2? :>A2DD6@? r2A:E@= w:==[ 2 5@K6? DE2E6D 2?5 4:E:6D 92G6 :>A=6>6?E65 E96:C @H? G6CD:@? @7 2 49:=5 E2I 4C65:E] X? a_`h[ r2=:7@C?:2 3642>6 E96 7:CDE DE2E6 E@ 6DE23=:D9 2 J@F?8 49:=5 E2I 4C65:E[ 2 S`[___2J62C 4C65:E 7@C =@H:?4@>6 72>:=:6D H:E9 49:=5C6? F?56C 286 e] u2>:=:6D 62C?:?8 36=@H Sad[___ C646:G65 E96 4C65:E 3FE ?66565 E@ D9@H 62C?:?8D 2D =:EE=6 2D S` E@ C646:G6 :E] X? yF=J a_aa[ E96 DE2E6 C6>@G65 :ED 62C?:?8 C6BF:C6>6?E] }6H y6CD6J 2?5 ‘6C>@?E 92G6 7@==@H65 DF:E 😕 6DE23=:D9:?8 A6C>2?6?E 49:=5 E2I 4C65:ED H9:=6 DE2E6D =:<6 }6H |6I:4@ 92G6 6?24E65 D9@CEE6C> A@ =:4:6D]k^Am

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