Yousef Makki death: Shocking police body camera footage shows lies of wealthy teenager who killed pal

Footage captured on a police body camera shows the shocking moments after talented high school student Yousef Makki was fatally stabbed by his wealthy friend. First published, it reveals tearful former public schoolboy Joshua Molnar lying to officers after he stabbed his 17-year-old friend in the heart.

The footage was captured in Gorse Bank Road in Hale Barns, near Cheshire in March 2019. Molnar, also 17 at the time, told police the culprits ran into a silver saloon, adding : “We came running and the guy was just coughing up blood.” He later admitted he stabbed Yousef, but a jury agreed he acted in self-defense.

Yousef, from a modest background in Burnage, died in hospital. He had won a scholarship to attend the elite Manchester Grammar School, reports MEN

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Molnar, who was later acquitted of murder and manslaughter, comes from a wealthy family in Hale, near Cheshire, as he said he acted in self-defence. He did, however, serve time for possession of the knife that inflicted the fatal wound and perverting the course of justice by lying to officers at the scene.

Police body camera footage was released during the 2019 trial and at an inquest in 2021. At the time, the coroner denied a media request led by the MEN to release the video.

Police body camera footage shows Joshua Molnar on Gorse Bank Road in Hale Barns after stabbing Yousef Makki. He said he acted in self-defence (Image: Channel 4)

Now it is due to premiere tonight (March 21) as part of a Channel 4 documentary Killed by a rich kid which airs later. It was obtained following a long legal battle by documentary filmmakers.

The footage, released ahead of the program, shows Joshua Molnar shirtless moments after the stabbing. He had taken off his top to stem the bleeding from Yousef’s chest wound until help arrived.

As paramedics arrive to attend to Yousef, who is lying on the ground near a tree, a policeman says to Molnar, “Okay, come here. What happened?” Molnar says, “We were walking down the highway… Then Yousef Makki walked past. We turned the corner and he just fell. We turned the corner. We ran and the guy was just spitting blood… I took off my shirt and put pressure on it.

Police body camera footage shows Joshua Molnar on Gorse Bank Road in Hale Barns after stabbing Yousef Makki. He said he acted in self-defence (Image: Channel 4)

“But he couldn’t say anything and he was, like, out of breath.” The officer asks him: “How did it go?” Molnar replies “I don’t know” and repeats that he was around the corner when the incident happened. He later suggests that those responsible were gone.

The footage then shows another pal, Adam Chowdhary, also 17 and from another wealthy family, appearing and another officer saying he’s “trying to leave”. Chowdhary is ordered to sit in a patrol car. Moments later, footage shows Chowdhary sitting in the police car.

When asked ‘who did this?’ the young person replies: “I don’t know, I was walking far away, look, ask him, ask how far I was. That’s why I was shocked. like, whoa, what is it? Or I see something, I see his pants or something and I’m like, whoa what is this?”

Police body camera footage shows paramedics arriving at the scene of Yousef Makki’s knife attack (Image: Channel 4)

Molnar, who was asked “who would have done that?”, is captured moments later telling an officer, “I don’t know.” When asked to “just be honest, mate”, he replies: “A lot of people come from different areas, from Stretford and stuff like that, to Hale to try and rob people of their stuff. C That’s what happens most times and, uh, the other week someone tried to take my stuff.”

When asked who did this, he blames “a group of black people”. Yousef had spent the previous night at the Hale Barns home of Adam Chowdhary, a fellow Manchester Grammar School student, and met Joshua Molnar the afternoon before the stabbing.

In the documentary, Yousef’s sister, Jade Akoum, who is campaigning for the case to be revisited, consolingly tells her partner, “I’m trying to be strong but he was my brother. Full details what they said and how he died and we weren’t there for him and I’ll never forgive myself for not being able to be there he died miles away from where he came from and we thought he was was safe.

Joshua Molnar (Image: MEN MEDIA)

Yousef was 17 when he was fatally stabbed in the heart by Molnar during the March 2, 2019 confrontation. A jury acquitted Molnar, now 20, of murder and manslaughter later that year- there, despite being given a 16-month detention and training order. after admitting to owning the knife that inflicted the fatal wound and lying to police at the scene.

He says he acted in self-defense, alleging Yousef pushed and punched him and called him “p*ssy”. Yousef’s family say it’s totally irrelevant and told the inquest last year that Yousef acted as a peacemaker. His co-defendant in the 2019 trial, Adam Chowdhary, now 19, of Hale Barns, who described Yousef as his “best friend” at school, was acquitted of perverting the course of justice.

He received a four-month detention order after admitting possession of a knife, one of two he said he and Yousef had jointly ordered during a break from classes. Following an inquest in November, South Manchester Chief Coroner Ms Mutch recorded a narrative finding, saying: “Yousef died of a stab wound to the chest. The specific circumstances in which he was injured cannot, on a balance of probabilities, be determined.”

Yousef had won a scholarship to the prestigious Manchester Grammar School of £12,000 a year
Yousef had won a scholarship to the prestigious Manchester Grammar School of £12,000 a year

The Makki family, who had sought a finding of unlawful murder, are seeking judicial review to overturn the coroner’s inconclusive verdict.

The inquest heard the fatal stabbing occurred, unseen by any cameras, at around 6.36pm. Mr Chowdhary told the documentary in a statement: ‘I would like to… reiterate my deepest condolences to the Yousef’s family. I want it to be clear to anyone considering carrying a knife, the risk of something terrible happening is real. I want others to learn from my mistake.

Lancashire press conference to mark Yousef Makki’s birthday

“All facts were fully discussed at the High Court trial and inquest. I voluntarily gave a full account to the police and gave evidence at the inquest. I am sorry that the family de Yousef feels like she’s left with questions, but I can’t add anything to what I’ve already said about the day.”

Yousef’s sister, Jade Akoum, told MEN: “We are delighted that the public will finally be able to see the body camera footage. We hope that the public will be able to make up their own mind about how Yousef died that night. -the.”

Killed by a Rich Kid is on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm.

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