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Traveling for Instinct magazine allows me to travel to many cities, states, nations and continents and that is one of the biggest perks of the job. In doing so, I meet so many people who tout their company’s or community’s movements for diversity, equity and inclusion. I’m happy to say that so many people are succeeding, going in the right direction, and they’re becoming places I want to come back to again and again, but some, I look at them, think about them, rattle those rocks in my head, and I myself say, “Really? Do they think that’s enough? Do they have queer representation in their staff to help? »

And when my plane comes down to Fort Lauderdale (FLL), or the cruise ship docks in Port Everglades, or I take that exit off Interstate 95, the rocks don’t vibrate and I don’t have to interrogate my community because I know I’m back home in many ways. Here are some of the reasons I love this area of ​​South Florida, Wilton Manors and Greater Fort Lauderdale.

Yes, we have amazing Prides, Halloween celebrations and more, but we also take the time to care. While HIV and AIDS have been glossed over in recent years, the epidemic is far from over. In the United States, approximately 1.1 million people are living with HIV and 15% of them do not know it. Over 100,000 people are living with HIV in Florida. Florida AIDS Walk works to bring attention to this pressing issue, educate and inspire our community to work together and end the epidemic once and for all.

We march to remember those who can no longer. We walk to remind you that you are not alone. We walk for a nation. We march for change.

Every year, it amazes me how much love and dollars come back for this event. There is still time to donate.

When I moved to Fort Lauderdale, I won the lottery when I found a room to rent in a loving home with a couple who were also very active in the Cathedral of the Sun. No, I am not religious, but I respect those who choose to belong to a community of love and worship that brings a better life to them, those in their community and beyond. And my, they are wonderful for the Greater For Lauderdale community.

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Over the past few years, one of the ways Sunshine Cathedrals has committed itself is to attracting impressive talent. No, it’s not a recruiting ploy, but you’ll want to come back for more. This week, his offer is Laith Ashley:

LAITH ASHLEY – The International Day of Transgender Visibility takes place at the end of March. To observe Trans* visibility and celebrate the transgender community, Sunshine Cathedral presents Laith Ashley Saturday March 26 at 8 p.m..

Laith is an internationally successful Trans* activist, singer and model. He uses his fame to help educate the public about the transgender experience as well as to advocate for social justice.

He’s the biggest name in the Trans* community we’ve ever brought to Sunshine Cathedral and we need your help to make this event a success. So please buy tickets for the events and tell your friends about them.

Tickets can be purchased at and start at $40; the show is also available online for just $20. At this time in history, trans people need to be seen, heard and supported.

Another great name, great knowledge and someone I need most in my life is Miss Coco Peru. His show will be my birthday present to myself as I try not to miss a chance to be mentally tasted and dined, educated and relieved, entertained and supported by the great MCP. She may be “Bitter, Bothered, & Beyond”, but she is one of the great storytellers you will have the honor to hear. Did I mention I love her?

So mixing religion, transgender activism, and drag legends, yeah, it’s pretty diverse.

To find out more, visit Cathedral of the Sun homepage or his Performing Arts Center page.

Yes Yes Yes! Come taste the sweets! Many of you come to Fort Lauderdale to enjoy Wilton Drive at Wilton Manors. From the Dairy Queen to Rosie’s Bar & Grill, the 11-15 gay bars and multiple restaurants are full of eye candy, smiling faces, and queer queer. You’re gonna be so glad you came. What looks like a busy Pride weekend in a mid-sized city, many nights and every weekend, weekend day, the streets are just full of rainbow blooded people. Just got out this Sunday and yes, day of drinking, socializing, gay softball league activities, it’s all alive and well.

When friends are looking to come to Wilton Manors, I recommend that they look for an airbnb or misterb&b closer to the drive if they are looking to meet the boys. There are also great options near the beach, but if your focus is on the boys and the bars, get closer to the bars.

And when I travel, many destinations want me to not talk about the nightlife and want to get away from the bars. Well darlings, yes gay life is not just about bars but hey they are part of our community that we support and they support us. Here are some of our favorite spots:

Hunters – Check this bar’s schedule online, as they often offer a little something extra for their customers, whether it’s a guest DJ or an entertainer. If there’s nothing more, don’t worry, what they have to offer is the best dance space on the drive. If you’re lucky enough to be there on a holiday weekend or even a regular weekend, the bar’s Sunday Disco night is the one that attracts all the boys.

GYM Sports bar – How much do you want to relax? Given that normal bar attire at Wilton Manors consists of shorts and a tee or tank top, the GYM bar seems like one of the most relaxed places on the road. Not only are the men beefy and athletic, but the chicken wings and tenderloins are the best in town and what better way to try and soak up all the adult bevs before heading home or carpooling .

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The Eagle – Every bar at Wilton Manors is open to all and welcome to all. Yes, some of us will fit in a little better in some places than others and feel more comfortable, but seriously, Wilton Manors can be where you let your hair down, shave your hair or show all those hairs. I was thrilled to see this event pop up on my radar and maybe I should grab a few if sun and bears at this bear in the alley Event!

URBAN BEAR & THE EAGLE WILTON MANORS Presents ‘BEARS IN THE ALLEY’ A Tropical Street Fair and Dance Party Saturday, March 26, 1-8 p.m. 23rd St. Closure & Eagle Parking Lot Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Join hundreds of gay bears, cubs, wolves and other animals for an action-packed, sun-fuelled outdoor party with music from DJ Chauncey D (resident DJ Stonewall NYC) plus: • LIVE ENTERTAINMENT! • FOOD TRUCKS! • SELLERS! • CARNIVAL ATTRACTIONS! •. BEAR! BEAR! BEAR! IN ABUNDANCE! MORE! SPECIAL PERFORMANCE BY VARLA JEAN MERMAN!

Advance tickets and vendor registration at SPREAD THE WORD AND MEET THE AISLE! Sign up for this event and other updates at

If there’s nothing going on in the city, it’s still bustling, fun, exciting and welcoming. A friend and I were walking down The Drive yesterday on a Sunday afternoon, the breeze blowing lightly, the boys walking hand in hand, some shirtless, all smiling. I didn’t know of any activities going on, but there was life, love and acceptance everywhere. Feeling welcome, safe and yes, it’s cliché, feeling carefree. I have friends, when they visit they say I live in paradise, mainly because of this feeling. Yes, the amount of eye candy and bars is great, but it’s that feeling they want to bottle up and take home.

And those sentiments, we hope, will continue to resonate through Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale. To help that resonate even outside of the community, Pride of the Americas is scheduled for next year, February 10-12, 2023. Stay tuned at and

Here at Wilton Manors and throughout Greater Fort Lauderdale, we look forward to seeing your smiles as you enjoy what we do EVERY DAY.

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