Zimmer Biomet plans to cut most jobs at Dover plant

DOVER – No less than 80% of unionized employees at Zimmer Biomet could lose their jobs in the coming months if the company goes ahead with its plan to relocate manufacturing to Costa Rica, according to union leaders.

Officials at United Steelworkers Local 2737-15 were briefed on the proposal on Monday.

“The impact is going to be big for this community. It’s going to be bad,” said Corey Ayers, who leads the local union. “We have a lot of younger members who have children, who have just bought houses, cars. How are they going to afford it? We have older members who (continue to work) for their insurance.

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“It’s very sad that we’ve gotten to the point in America where profit is the #1 goal. I understand that money creates the world, but not investing here in America and taking it somewhere else is unacceptable. “

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