10 Bookish Airbnbs With Home Libraries That Will Make You Swoon

If you’re a book enthusiast planning your next vacation, this might interest you: I have 10 Airbnbs with dream libraries, for every type of budget.

The apartments and houses in the list below span five continents and 10 countries. If you’re a reader, you’ve probably already figured out that the holidays are one of the best times to catch up on your reading. Even if you have busy days planned for activities, these places can be the perfect retreat at night. And you just might find a new favorite book among the collections of these Airbnbs.

The best thing about these Airbnbs with libraries is the affordable rates they offer vacationers. Prices for the 10 bookish accommodations below start at just $ 36 per person, per night – a score for any bargain hunter. The most expensive listing, located in Paris, costs over $ 500 per night, but can accommodate up to 11 people, making it more affordable than many vacation homes you find in the United States.

Even if you aren’t planning on travel, these 10 spaces just might be the inspiration for your own home library or office. Here are 10 Airbnbs with dream libraries for drooling book lovers.

Book and sleep in Tokyo, Japan

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At $ 36 per person per night, this compact, bookish hotel is a steal for tourists who want to save as much money as possible. With up to 5,000 books available to read anytime, Book and Bed is the perfect stopover for avid readers traveling through Japan on a budget.

Stylish library apartment in Istanbul, Turkey

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In addition to the house’s eclectic library, this Airbnb provides access to the owner’s “30-page personal guide to Vintage Istanbul, a collection of epicurean information on the city’s lesser-known neighborhoods, pleasures and absences. “. It’s already a budget stay at $ 78 per night for up to three people, but I’m happy to report that the owner is also offering discounts for architects and writers who want to use the space.

House in Paris in Paris, France

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A loft that can accommodate 11 people, this Airbnb rents for $ 545 per night. Set in a quiet area with a two-story library – with a The beauty and the BeastStyle ladder, all of you – this apartment is perfect for a group of writers and readers who want to get away from it all.

Oasis – Stylish and spacious loft in São Paulo, Brazil

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This apartment is not only “carefully decorated and filled with good books and records”, although that is a major plus. It also comes with a sink inspired by A clockwork orange, who is … unique. This one is priced at $ 74 per night for up to four people.

Penthouse in Bergen, Norway

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With a beautiful home library and lots of natural light, this Norwegian penthouse is close to the Bergen metro system. You and up to three guests can relax and read books on the balcony for just $ 141 per night in this Scandinavian getaway.

Quiet, Private Retreat in Palo Alto, CA

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Part of this 830 square foot space is devoted to a well-stocked reading nook with a view. At $ 150 per night for up to two people, this one-bedroom Airbnb is a budget stay for anyone who dreams of having their own seat by the window.

Secret Haven in London, United Kingdom

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This tiny Notting Hill house has a private garden and full kitchen, plus a library of reading novels. At $ 214 per night for two, this might be a bit off budget for some vacationers.

Ttekceba Retreat in Victoria, Australia

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You can rent this entire mountain retreat, which includes a pool, library, and garden, for just $ 175 per night. When you stay in Ttekceba, you can take advantage of all that the Dandenong Mountains have to offer and even take cuttings from the garden to transplant into your own land at home.

Under the Warsaw skyline in Warsaw, Poland

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With prices ranging from $ 58 to $ 89 per night for one to four people, this Polish apartment is a budget vacation destination for couples and families looking to get away from it all. When you’re not exploring the city, the wall full of books in the dining room will keep you entertained for hours.

Vintage Valletta Library in Valletta, Malta

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A gorgeous apartment well stocked with art books, this Maltese getaway is priced at just $ 157 per night for up to two people. Whether you want to lounge in the indoor hammock, have a drink on the terrace, or take a stroll around Valletta, your options here are limitless.

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