16 Best Airbnb Rentals in Palm Springs to Book in 2022 | Architectural Summary

If you’re longing for a desert oasis, “Best Airbnb Rentals in Palm Springs” should be the very first thing you search for. Whether you’re looking to escape to a star-filled night after a relaxing day by the pool, or crave a sense of adventure only quenched by hiking through beautiful trails, Palm Springs has everything you need. With a diverse range of Airbnbs just a two-hour drive (traffic dependent) from the bustle Los AngelesHollywood’s quiet counterpart offers a slice of serene moments away from city life (in fact, it was the quiet of Palm Springs which first attracted all the Hollywood stars from the 30s to the 60s). And while the peace and quiet tends to draw the crowds, that’s only part of Palm Springs’ appeal. With the city’s focus on art and design, it’s no wonder style lovers and celebrities are flocking off-grid. California jewel for more than 90 years. Boasting a perfect blend of nature and resort, the tranquil town has risen to the top of travel lists. Read on for Ads Palm Springs’ top Airbnb picks to help you plan your next vacation.

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