21 Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rentals for a Storybook Adventure

Childhood summers usually meant a few safe things: going to the pool, vacationing at the beach (if we were lucky or nearby), playing outside until the porch light came on and , of course, trips to the library. Few things were as exciting as stepping through those air-conditioned doors to the smell of old plastic-covered books, probably filled with germs. He enveloped me in a tantalizing cloud and begged me to walk the aisles, running my fingers along the thorns until a title made me want. I was the kid wobbling out of the library with at least 20 books shaking under his chin, arms barely long enough to hold the stack. (The library limit is unfortunately now 10.) I would have taken any books that piqued my interest, but taking part in the annual summer reading challenge always sweetened the deal. What kid could resist a free mini pepperoni pizza?

A series that I walked for a year turned out to be House in the magic tree, my imagination takes me with force with Jack and Annie in their adventures with Merlin and Morgan le Fay. These books have always made me wish for a real treehouse adventure, which our little Japanese maple couldn’t stand. These treehouse Airbnbs fill all my House in the magic tree dreams – and with everything from luxury tree-top vacation rentals to treehouses, there’s something for everyone so you can embark on your own adventure.

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