5 Travel Destinations in the United States with the Most Affordable Vacation Rentals


If you have been craving for vacation, but high inflation and record gas prices have kept you home all summer, maybe now is the time to move on. Not only has the price of fuel dropped, but winter vacations can bring you huge bargains.

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America is full of underrated and underrated vacation hotspots. No matter what type of trip you have in mind – from the West Coast to the Atlantic and from Canada to Mexico – there are budget vacation rentals just waiting to be booked. Some are in the heart of big cities, others in wild outdoor paradises, but no matter your speed or preference, you don’t need to spend big to enjoy an oversized vacation.

Looking to date on a budget? Consider booking a rental in these underrated and affordable American hotspots.

Sean PavonePhoto / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sean PavonePhoto / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Chattanooga, TN

Perched near the Alabama and Georgia borders, Chattanooga is consistently ranked among America’s top tourist towns. It is known for its rivers and mountains, rich history, vibrant urban nightlife, legendary music scene, and inexpensive vacation rentals.

Airbnb shows many entire homes available for two people for a weekend for around $50. CozyCozy, which also combines lists of top vacation rental sites, offers apartments and full homes for under $90 within 5 miles of downtown.

You will also save money while you are not renting there. Tennessee as a whole is cheap — its cost of living index is 89.9, with 100 being the national average — but with a score of 86.5, Chattanooga is affordable even by voluntary state standards.

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jimkruger/Getty Images

jimkruger/Getty Images

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis joins the state capital of St. Paul to form the famous Minnesota Twin Cities. The mighty Mississippi River bisects both metros just south of its source at Lake Itasca. Known for its parks, cultural sites, lakes, and vibrant downtown, Minneapolis is one of the Upper Midwest’s most popular tourist spots.

Although the cost of living is actually a bit higher than the national average, inexpensive vacation rentals are easy choices for a major US destination city. Studios, apartments, and occasional homes are available for rent near downtown for less than $100 a night on CozyCozy.



San Antonio, TX

With a cost of living index of 89.8, San Antonio is affordable even compared to Texas as a whole, and Texas is cheaper than the US average. Despite its rich and diverse culture, world-class dining scene, and unique neighborhoods, San Antonio isn’t quite as hip as its neighbor Austin — nor is it as expensive to vacation there.

Airbnb shows guesthouses, apartments, condos, and houses available for under $50 a night, with private rooms to be found for around $30.

Sharkshock / Shutterstock.com

Sharkshock / Shutterstock.com

Raleigh, North Carolina

One of the fastest growing cities in the country and perhaps America’s largest college town, Raleigh is known for its outdoor activities, museums, proximity to beaches and mountains, and its people. warm.

There are plenty of affordable non-hotel accommodations in the many neighborhoods of the sprawling city. Airbnb shows homes in nearby Durham for less than $60 a night.

sgtphoto/Getty Images/iStockphoto

sgtphoto/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Moab, UT

If the West calls you, Moab is a bit more expensive than America as a whole, but it’s cheaper than the average Utah. That’s just the cost of living, though – cheap rentals aren’t hard to come by.

CozyCozy shows off several cabins and tiny homes under $150 for rent in Moab, which is the gateway to Arches National Park and its beautiful, classic western marsh red rock landscape.

If you’re bringing non-human travelers with you, Moab seems to have a disproportionate number of pet-friendly rentals.

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Sam DiSalvo contributed to the reporting of this article.

All data from Sperling’s Best Places Cost of Living Index. All data was collected and updated as of January 30, 2023.

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